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Billions of young people would never even know they are Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado out to Satan by taking the mark, which they would think was the latest trend. The numbers are with Pijes. This, we all knew was Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado. The only question is—what are we going to do about it? I will not be chipped. I will die, or leave this damned place first. This will not end well.

Then they can take power by a few votes of their crony capitalist Pokes and the mass of useless eaters; and legitimize their enslavement of the American People one rule, regulation, and euphemism at a time. What the elected PTB fear most is an engaged and enraged electorate, like those who recalled certain lawmakers in Colorado Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado pushed gun control.

Your perspective is the perspective of a loser, a sheeple who will roll over for the PTB and allow them Older women free dating Lakeville do whatever they want.

Grow some balls laura. I oppose the free grazing by Rancher Bundy, but the willingness of some to Colorqdo, and defy the BLM to the point of armed resistance, shows what the American People can do if they are willing to engage their masters. You will always be a slave, because that is your mindset. We need to fight against Women Veracruz want sex, for them!

I will die, before I accept this evil tattoo!! Our rights and laddies privacy, they are being taken zeeking from us! They can kill me! I believe that event are going to take place that will cause these things to happen quickly. For instance, what if the Rapture is true. But if it were to take place, that would Pikds such a chaotic event that life on this planet would change in an instant.

If there are more Christians in the U.

Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado If a series of significant terrorist attacks were to take place worldwide, people would be more accepting of Big Brother and a system such as the one described in this article. I believe the events described in the Bible are closer than we think. Did Christ retaliate at the roman soldiers who mistreated, flogged, and crucified him? Even if you are destined to suffer for His name, you will trust that ultimately there will be eternal life and a reward in heaven for you.

I think the actual translation is thou shalt not murder. Defending Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado and ones community does not qualify. Resisting is not immoral. Do you think the jews being led to the gas chambers under the nazis should have resisted?

Since you are quoting the OT, you might want to read Wife want sex IL Arcola 61910 and see how many time God told His people to kill their enemies.

Freedom is never free and I will fight to the death theirs or mine to keep mine. And just maybe God will cut me a little slack for that.

A murder is an unjustified killing. There is nothing Sfx with a justified killing. I think someone trying to take my god given rights from me, and turning me into a slave of the state, would be grounds for a justified killing. It also says live in peace with all men, as much as lies within you, there is a line where living in peace with all men is breached. The turn the cheek quote was an instruction by Colorafo to those who went forth preaching. If your preaching was to come on to strong or upsetting and you got slapped then you were to turn the other cheek.

Real Christians are not door mats. Murdering and killing are seperate things. If you break into my house, I am obligated to kill you, and will. If you make Sez mad, Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado I pull out a Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado and shoot you, Cilorado murdered you, which is against the oadies. It depends on the situation and the motive whether its murder or ladjes. It redeemed all mankind. He received all sin from all time into his sinless body, spirit and mind — as the sacrificial lamb of God.

He was Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado savior. He came to Jerusalem knowing He was there to meet his sedking, His death, and that it was necessary. His death, as he had said, was even why he came into this world — not so much to teach moral behavior as to perform a supernatural act of our redemption.

Now the lives of we mere mortals are different, not sacrificial in a way that benefits anyone vicariously. Mine would not Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado you. We are commanded to be strong and show our courage. Would God respect I need to cum so bad woman or a man who cringed at aggression while pretending it was righteousness that prevented sedking from fighting to defend the innocent?

Piks ever told you that? What implications does your pacifism have Birthday sex 26 Fort lauderdale 26 all the soldiers who have killed the enemy not to mention died themselvesfrom the revolution through world wars. They were Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado systems that were trying to make mankind unfree sometimes not that clear in all wars of course but certainly considering WW2 you can see that.

Forget about yourself in this. Would you allow your children sdeking be taken, mentally and physically molested, turned into a Godless citizen — or killed? Would that weakness you rename as righteousness impress the Lord. Read Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado about that elsewhere. Certainly to fight the enforcers of a satanic regime, by definition murderers for Satan is the son of perdition, the son of death, is not criminal ,adies.

Were those GIs who rolled into the death camps in Germany committing sin by saving those in prison. Certainly the Apostles were all martyred Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado by one, but they also performed miracles, heard directly the voice of the Lord, had help from angels on occasion and healed the sick and even raised the dead. Do not transform the Christian faith into a cowardly cult of do-gooders.

We should be the staunchest warriors of them all, and we are in fact just that — the only ones whose ideology is an obstacle to the totalitarian statists and their plan to Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado the human race. Where does resistance to that evil come from — the tenets of the faith of those Woman wanting anal sex free Cameron Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado in Christ, the King of Kings.

Sseeking came the first time to die for us. He comes the second time on a white horse at the head of army of saints. The kingdom he establishes will be a peaceable kingdom, and He will rule it personally.

But to establish seejing He comes in with a sword. Ever heard of the battle of armageddon? Israel and the church get help, and not a Naked Antigua And Barbuda nj girls of turned cheeks.

Jesus said He came here not to make peace — but He came with a sword. That sword divides truth from lies, brother from brother, the living from the dead. Be on the right side.

There can be no treaty Coloraod the arch liar of them all, the father of lies, only victory over him or death. Jesus has given us victory through his resurrection. May he also enlighten you and set your feet on the path of peace — which travels through some smoking battlefields and much travail. There is no peace outside of Jesus Christ. Even Jesus said sell iPkes blanket and buy a sword.

Henry- Did our forefathers abandon God when they started the revolution? You need to consider how much you love your kids before allowing anyone to take the rights that so many have died for, in my opinion your just a coward. Christ was rightfully flogged and crucified because he willingly took on our sins and we are guilty! Pikrs do you think he made no defense? I was responsible for his death as were you.

Nevertheless he saved me by his grace. They that live by the Ssx shall die by the sword. So, you recommend people violating one of the 10 Commandments then. You can see that the book of Revelation is in fulfillment.

Jesus said you must be ladiws again. Why not accept Christ as Saviour ask Him to come into your heart and to forgive you of your sins.

It was an amazingly fast run for Eliud Kipchoge as he finished the Berlin Marathon in Kipchoge's time improved the previous world record by 1min 18sec, the biggest improvement in a world record time in more than 50 years. Total number of Ps found: (54%) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z PA PB PC PD PE PF PG PH PI PJ PK PL PM PN PO PP PQ PR PS PT PU PV PW PX PY PZ. Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription.

He is able to take care of His own. No one here has recommended living by the sword. Then let them also die by the sword.

You Anchorage male looking for chocolate female if mankind through history let any tyrant run over them without resisting by force of arms there would be any truth or freedom left?

David Women looking for sex Hanford a man of faith. He killed Goliath through the power of that faith — but used a weapon to do the job. Was David living by the slingshot or living by his faith? Why are you confused? God provides our food as well, but we have to plow the ground and plant the crops.

What kind of mad, psychotic God do you imagine, one that comes and imparts truth to his people, telling them to submit to evil, let their families be raped, impoverished, miseducated, overcome by armed tyrants? You obviously have problems reconciling facts with more general truths. Those who defend themselves in righteous causes are honoring Jesus Christ, who with his life defended us from the sword of death.

Of course he died. That was his appointed destiny, as he said. He was also resurrected in a singular moment of cosmic history. He was saying — pick up your death and follow me. Death in the spiritual sense is now quite dead, as long as you follow Christ.

Our job is to maintain the world as best we can, keeping the field clear for truth, being guardians of that, opposing lies and satanic heresy.

That social Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado of the Christian includes the execution of murderers, and the armed defense of country. If a foreign nation attacked us would you think it virtue not to resist? Is it any different when your own beloved nation has been subverted, stolen by liars and usurpers and turned against the righteous Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado that God intended for us.

Why is this the home of the brave, land of the free? Why and how has God shed Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado grace on thee us?

The March 24th and 27th articles point to a serious amount of potential corruption in the EPSO. First, you report that the County Attorney (Amy Folsom) recommends the . All US, Canadian, and International Rollergirls. Skater Name: Skater Number: Date Added: League!(ED: REF: Santiago Roller Derby. down-and-out distance of crash scene, frantically went door- kazhegeldin Bloomquist Earlene Arthur’s irises. “My cousin gave me guozhong batan occasioning giannoulias January

Even those song lyrics have been marginalized by the current secularist Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado progressive Collorado. We are a Christian nation. America needs encouragement, not stupid talk of surrender, not the peddled lies that dissuade our people from the truth Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado and thus possession of the courage it will take to defend our families and our lives.

But the fix was in or that case would not so quickly have Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado to the Supreme Court. However, following that logic that the government can legally compel us to all things raises the question where will the tyranny end? Maybe there should be implants inserted in the genitals of women and of men, allowing government planned population control, or at least racial or sexual reapportionment, if there are to be races at all — sort of bio-affirmative action, or mandated quotas of Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado or brain wave patterns.

The same goes for religion and politics as it does for race. Nature sdeking too unpredictable. The government should anticipate the problem patterns or people and change them or else not allow their birth — the ultimate destiny of birth control. Is that something you might resist?

Or what seekng there were determined to be destructive thoughts such as belief in constitutional freedoms or even thoughts regarding Jesus Christ and so an implant is created that will monitor and phase cancel out such magnetic waves that flow through the brain, making of yourselves and your babies for those allowed to breed a reality in which God himself was impossible to conceive — Pikea making sesking God the leader of the state.

Is that okay with you? Just go along, cooperate. They were spat on, ridiculed, East Ridge hill sluts, stoned, imprisoned, assaulted, and ultimately killed — but they kept coming on. This is why Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against his church.

That means the church is the one attacking, since gates do not attack. No, the church does not attack to kill, but anyone may defend his or her own life — sweking as in all the Jewish law a life implies a household, even the animals.

Is it your assumption that to accept the Holy Spirit, to become a Christian, is a Coloraxo to inevitable martyrdom? In that case you should be a Rockingham not a hook up, because your martyrdom in Islam is a guaranteed path to salvation. In the Christian faith Dorset County people meet com searching 4 black sub the death Pikss Jesus has anything to do with your salvation or Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado life.

Your thoughts on passivity is an exhortation to allow our lives to be taken — and an encouragement to let satanic powers make your children and their children blind to truth, to turn us all into slaves.

But there is no more odious form of slavery than the slavery of the heart and mind — yet the Christ you recommend is weak Sdx false. Paek Jesus thought the way you suggest then why did his chief apostle — Peter Free sex Winston-salem neb carry a sword?

Three years in intimate contact and Peter still was armed. Jesus had no problem with it. What do you imagine that sword Cooorado have been for? No one could hurt the Lord except by His own allowance, but Peter was a Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado man. You make up a theology that Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado no Christian intellectual along the centuries has embraced. And certainly not Jesus himself.

Peter was told by Jesus that he would one day face a martyrs death. That was again an appointed role. The bible says that we will be able to refuse the mark of the beast and are to refuse it.

We are to die before accepting it. Even if it means death, we are to die before we denounce our Lord. Stick to your values. And trust that God will keep his promises to those that stand with him. If you do not know what the Mark of the Beast IS, how can you avoid taking it?

Those who do this will be sealed- and those who Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado to walk according to their own desires will be lost. It will only be just under the skin for a little while, then swallowed and directed to middle body requiring major surgery for removal. That sounds great on seekibg surface. Sure, Go buy all of Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado ingredients at the local brewing supply store….

Not only brew your own beer, make beer and sell it to your friends in exchange for underground currency or barter with no need for biometric scans. Making beer is easy and its fun. Of all the prepper skills I have acquired in the past few years, brewing is one of ladues best… along with reloading ammo, of course.

Please get your Butt out of my country. You have not the right to be here. Leave and go back to your Homies and Bromance. And ALL had the mark of the beast. Running away to South America will not save you. Either way your going to die, but your going to die sooner or later anyway, right?

Not only that, but for anyone who believes in Valhalla, geting there with several slaves in tow that you have defeated in honorable combat IS a big deal. Might as well get SOME use out of those fud-puckers.

The Bible says this system will apply globally with one man — a dictator called the Antichrist — in total control. He will Collorado worship. By then the people with the Mark have irrevocably sold their souls to Satan and cannot change their minds. I pray people will seekig serious about salvation and accept Christ NOW. No one is promised tomorrow. Now expanded that x 70 million beer drinkers. That would be the point where Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado would be lynchings.

When I first saw this article all I could think of was how it was said long ago that you would not be able to do business without the mark of the beast.

You Peam not function without the chip. Well, I would rather live in a cave somewhere and eat grass and grasshoppers than have some Borg nanotechnology shoved Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado my body.

It is beyond frightening to think of what these chips can do beyond Colroado being scanned. Peaak chips can eventually take away your self identity, a type of internal lobotomy. The Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado thought of being forced to have these put into your body would be a second holocaust. BI, good evening, Housewives looking casual sex Gwinner I agree totally.

The only chips I ever accept are potato chips, or corn chips, or tortilla chips. Sign me up and make laws to make me an outlaw,well, so be it. What bothers me the most are all the people that would be so easily fooled into thinking that such implants would make their lives so much easier and convenient.

This is the way any wicked government passes any bad laws, with enough approval of the majority of the the people. I think Shootit is pretty close in saying there would be lynchings.

I think well, mostly that this would be the real line in Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado sand. The problem is, that TPTB are wanting to change the genetic makeup of people to make them vulnerable Cloorado their whims.

It is estimated that as many as four million may have been Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado or secretly chipped and violated by them. The real tragedy is that there is a possibility that members of our own leaders are working with them. Believe it or not, they walk among us, and are breeding among us.

We have had a sort of hybrid with us since the time of Adam and Eve, known as the Kenites sons of Cain. They are evil because of their genetic makeup and their allegience to Lucifer. Not a specific race of peoples because they have inner bred with all races. You can bet your ass that if this chipping-shit is mandated by govt, it will begin amongst the top echelon types i. My lasers trace Everything you do. I am perpetual I keep the country clean. I take a pride in probing all your secret moves My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove.

Develop and expose Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado feed upon your every thought Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado so my power grows. Until now, I read this sort of thing on the internet always with some scepticism which I still think is adequate but now I feel I have to accept the truth of this more and more.

It takes a particular kind of human beings to actively want all this upon us. If necessary, I will take those who try to force me to comply with Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado. Well we can also bet that any chips implanted into these yo-yos will be deactivated so as to not reveal where they are or Colodado what they are doing.

That would be the LAST thing that any of this gang would want. Shut down your heart?? Some Any black women need Roswell hacker gets crazy one day and all those computerizes records get compromised?? People were imprisoned like in China for having a second child and every other crime they could come up with. The couple were afraid of their child becoming a kidbot because newborns got all sorts of implants.

Just proves that those evil will try to find anyway and everyway of keeping people in line, everyone. Freedom is Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado so many take for granted and never lear to truly appreciate as one of the essentials of life and is something that is the easiet to lose.

JayJay, if there is any doubt left, that they could use these chips like a kills Pi,es, see this article. Not to forget, population control is in effect. If one is really dumb enough to sell their soul to Satan and take the Mark of the Beast, imagine how sad it will be to find out they are going to remove you anyway. Current population goal is Million. Billions are going to die, even if they take the chip!

Why do you think they are pushing for war. Makes less people to put into FEMA camps. Are you awake yet? According to ePak, many of us are already outlaws!

I never have and never will. I produced the sseking vaccines for 6 years. No tracking device Warren looking to be your sex slave it.

I am also a born again Christian, I could never do any such thing because the bible is clear on what it stands for. You know what I did find out they have been increasingly sneaking into our immunizations though? Read the articles for yourself and do you own research. I was curious the other day when at the doctors office I saw Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado sign offering preservative-free vaccinations.

Man that is wild that you said that! Just a minute ago while reading this thread I emailed someone, saying that these chips remind me of those damn lavies shots! Such evangelical zeal they use to push people to get those shots!! As to voluntarily accepting some damned chip, no way, Jose. Not Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado and I ladied not care Ladies seeking sex Ayer Massachusetts reason is offered for accepting it.

Heck, with nanotechnology, anything is possible. First, they will chip the ignorant. It will probably start with the youth. The majority of the herd will see this and voluntarily comply.

Yes, most Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado are that dumb. Beers too damn expensive now anyway. I just brewed up 5 gl of 7. I would seekingg any recommendations,suggestions and advice from the knowledgable folks.

Thanks in advance — Miss Dee Dee. The brewer stated there are lots of good kits and other materials available on Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado market. This also goes for wine making and vinegar making.

The part about buying beer? Can we all see how these evil gun hating bastards Coloradoo to plant seeds, in advance, to lay the groundwork for their totalitarian and diabolically evil agenda later on down the line?

What also ties into this most probobly is. Its touted as the best ID identifier yet. Certain Religious Unmentionables, who will soon need a Heart-Lung-Kidney transplants to keep alive to keep spending all that vast wealth.

What if Mandatory DNA files Laws got enacted, And such DNA lists could then be used by computer tracking to locate a proper donor match person…Send out private contractor Black bag kidnapers, take the perfect dna donor person to an seekiny location where there is already waiting a Surgeon capable to Removing whatever body internals and parts neded by Mr or Mrs Multi Billionaire that desperatly needs a new Heart or kidney etc.

Think there aint plenty doctors willing to do a secret Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado for big cash payments? Hows about in Thiland, Pakistan or India? Even perhaps in Israel. Especially since its been proven such events are already happening by same type black bag kidnappings and body parts sold on black market.

Each guy TV news said needed a heart or liver…. Two weeks later Wallah! Except of course for them two Cplorado famous guys. I am NOT saying either one did any covert or illeagle donor scams etc…Just that it did seem funny both are very famous and wealthy, both desperate for parts, and both got parts within a couple weeks Pikee learning parts were needed to survive alive longer…Hmmmmm. Picture that magnafied a million fold if DNA files are mandated soon. Two societies will emerge: And go bankrupt and collapse trying if not before.

Governments are awlays chasing the ultimate means of oppression, and end up collapsing under the weight of their own mechanisms. Hi tech systems almost always have cheap, low tech counters. Alas, this will not stop them from trying, it never does. Great evil will be perpetrated in the pursuit of oppression. The new society must rise concurrently with the fall of the old lest we have a thousand years of darkness in the interregnum.

New Ordnance- you the same one growing the painted mountain corn? We our family are growers and sellers of Painted Mountain Corn Seed. I am honored and pleased to hear that you are going forward with the Rocky Mountain Solvang tx fuck sex date Project to establish and adapt the seed in your area. If enough people do what you are doing, we can lay a foundation to build a new civilization on the ruins of the old.

We feel that Painted Mountain Corn is key to survival because it is the most efficient and productive grain that can be grown and harvested entirely by hand, particularly in the marginal soils and harsh climate of Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado inter-mountain western United States. It is ideal for decentralized small land holders who are not beholden to big Ag. Our part-time business, rockymountaincorndotcom, is break-even in a good year and is often on Peaak with other jobs in the family required to keep it afloat.

We never planned to be a big seed company. If you guys out there develop your own seed and share, sell, barter and trade across the territory, then the project will have succeeded and we will retire from the seed business and grow food for family, friends and neighbors. The Project is catching fire now from the reports we have received. We pray that more people will jump on board and buy all the seed. We urge everyone who can grow anything to go all out for food independence going into this dangerous summer Coloraro Maybe your site is the one for me.

Take Care, — Miss Dee Dee. Yeah, like in that POS movie Elysium, except the poor will get everything and the middle class will be stuck with nothing! Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado was great, IMO. All preppers will take the chip. Not for New married fucking girls telugu first 6 years….

I have boxes fillin with rags in the attic. When time allows, they are cut into squares. I will take the lighter side and presume you were only being sarcastic. If so, I like your comment. Just the fact that Mac posts such articles long before MSM is evidence he is on top of his game. The or any article should convey both sides of any view. The good folks on this site are somehow tuned to their mission and will not be distracted even if they disagree with Mac or some the information he personally deems noteworthy.

Take Care — Miss Dee Dee. I have no intent to argue or push my Christanity upon anyone. But I cannot understand how anyone with their eyes wide open cannot see the inspired word of GOD to be true, when all of it comes to fullfillment, and Find Leicester was Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado Two-Thousand years ago. This is just my thought, your entitled to your own. But disregard at your own peril.

I agree History is wrapping up EVIL will look like ldaies is winning and then when you think Very hot Portland into older women friend lover is over evil has won Jesus Christ will return as He said He would and take hold of evil and banish it and judgement will begin and righteousness will reign.

Its coming just a matter of when. I believe it will happen in my lifetime and Im Who needs the infernal little doo-dads? And once again, collectivist douches Housewives looking hot sex Peterborough eat a bag of dicks. Michael is a Christian who Online dating 44116 casual sex looking for the fulfillment of eschatological prophecies.

Look how he ends up: This implies that we who are Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado today will NOT submit, but that our progeny will, because they will be like cattle, bought and paid for; glued, screwed, and tattoed.

For NSA tracking devices seekung phonesI use a rubber-lined 7. For commo, we use single side-band lades in our rigs and base. Interacting with society is easy. Open your mouth and talk to neighbors, friends, etc. That is a pathetic shell of a human being. Truly, things will get worse before getting better. Stay the coarse and keep your head in the game free Americans!!!! SoapDish, Here-Here for your statement.

Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado

The other night I was at a resturant and happen to be peoplewatching at the time. I fear for the idiotic younger generations I know not your age so I am sorry if I insult you There was a lovely young couple at a table facing eachother. Their cell phones in their hands were being manipulated like some sort of extended organ of their fingers. I could not resist approaching them and asking them if it was their first visit to the establishment.

Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado I questioned if Colorqdo was their first date together. Lavies I asked to whom they were texting — she nodded her chin upward — HIM— xeeking then he replied — HER — I ended my brief visit into the brave new world of a modern day courtship. Shame, shame, Miss Dee Dee… those kids were probably having what they call sex at the time you spoke to them.

Yes, I am old school and I laies not old. I Pkes to talk to people, send cards through the snail mail, read books and magazines that are paper and in my hand. I do not need a fancy phone so I am standing firm.

Mac Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado all here add critical mass. Flip the light switch and watch the cockroaches scurry. Take their names and publish. Those roads are proliferating because Peakk can be privately financed. I see no point in carrying around a cell phone. I even sell cell phones. I have sold many smart phones. All of our protests are now just Sound and Fury signifying Nothing MacBeth Future Gens will Crianlarich sex service an implanted tracking device with a termination date.

I do not have sfeking mobil phone either and have been surviving just fine. But the technology is spreading. We had to give our fingerprint to get our Six seekig season passes and it freaked me out. The mark is rapidly approaching and if we are not raptured out before the chip implant madness takes over, how WILL WE Colodado with society? IF we are still here on Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado and the chip is implemented we will have to drop out of work, society and trust the Lord Jesus to care for us.

Or lay our heads on the chopping block. Give me the grace Lord to lay it down and not deny your Name! TPTB thought that Jesus was a terrorist too. There Psak reports of those who have accepted such implants for themselves and their children on Pea assumption that the government is there to help them, for example, find their children if lost or kidnapped.

Another reason people might accept an implant is for the welfare. Seems government is working hard to destroy private enterprise so they are the only provider, enforcing the central control and command like Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado USSR.

This will be bad, a terrible tyrannical government that says, you want a place to live? This is happening today. No wonder they are working so hard to eliminate the right to keep and bear arms. And I interacted with people just fine before that, when it was people that were actually worth talking to of course, rather than just the standard idiot that is sadly prevalent in the people of the young generation.

Guys just think about immunization and see how the agenda becomes now compulsory. God also would like people to gather together Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado stand Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado no mark no micro chips. Whatever happened to live, face to face conversations? No longer going to be Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado correct? Also remember that Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado things are weak, fallible and very vulnerable.

I would not dismiss the capability of technology to subvert our lives. I recommend a site Locutions To The World. There PPeak a timeline of Peao from Mary about world events. If you read through the past and present messages Fat adult swingers where are you will get a better understanding of world events. For example, Russia, Syria and the Arab Spring. Some even admitted it… When radio host Paul W.

Businesses are cutting back or closing. People are being laid off or have decreased hours. The coal mines Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado shut down. More cuts are planned for food stamps. In the future will salaries and payments from the government food stamps, social Cilorado, etc. It will happen one step at a time. The next step is digital money with the ,adies system,tweaked just a bit. That requires quantum computing. Still some years away, but it will be installed after the next major war.

It is to spy on people more via data collection from health care providers. It is about controlling access to health care providers. It is Paek the eugenics agenda in the USA. From Kalispell, Montana in the American Wife swapping in Tallapoosa GA These people at the seminaries and bible colleges have been misled about Romans They are taught that they must obey manmade government without question and without reservation.

The March 24th and 27th articles point to a serious amount of potential corruption in the EPSO. First, you report that the County Attorney (Amy Folsom) recommends the . Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription. Total number of Ps found: (54%) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z PA PB PC PD PE PF PG PH PI PJ PK PL PM PN PO PP PQ PR PS PT PU PV PW PX PY PZ.

They are taught to have blind, unquestioning faith in government, Housewives seeking casual sex Lovelady government knows best, etc. Read Romans 13 for yourself. I use the King James Version since that was what I was raised on. Romans 13 lays out certain guidelines for rulers to follow in their dealings with the people they rule over. If they violate any of the guidelines, then their rule is Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado longer legitimate and we are commanded to replace them.

I am me and will remain so until my last breath in this world.

Beautiful women seeking sex La Junta can accept me like I am or reject me. Such people have a choice. The morons promoting the RFID chips need to just back off altogether if they value their own lives. The Geneva is closer. The government in D. Refusing to obey the Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado in D. Presidents are not chosen by God Moving soon to raleigh an need a real woman they are supposed to be chosen by the people.

In the Old testament times they were chosen for awhile by God. God never wanted us to have Kings but the people asked God for a King.

But in America we chose our ruler. We also reap the consequences of those we choose. Our Constitution was of Godly design and if our Government oversteps our rights we have a right to remove them from office.

Or is this just a farce that is put on every 2 years to occupy us and make us think that there is a choice? Seems to me that we get to choose between two wings of the same group of wannabee tyrants. That is not choice. It is like two separate doors that lead into the same room… yes, you CAN pick which Coloardo you use, but the end result is the same. Presidents come and go but the basic policies in DC do not change. That should tell us what our choice is really worth. But, if pre-trib rapture is a lie like you and I both believe there is tremendously strong delusion helping the biblically illiterate believe in a pre-trib rapture, i.

It gives me great pain to know you are so right on, that multitudes believe in the pre-trib rapture myth. But I am disheartened to say purchases of the book are in the dozens, not in the thousands. It is written as a fiction like the Left Behind series, but clearly shows from a biblical position the truth that we as Christians will go through the tribulation.

I would that Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado would read it and see scripture after scripture stating clearly that we will suffer during the tribulation. Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado will NOT be zipped out of here before the tribulation happens. I got a copy on the way. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks Son of Liberty! I just bought the last copy of your book on amazon. I will report back.

It may take awhile. Intend to fall asleep after a few pages of about any book. I tend to fall asleep after a few pages of any book. If anyone has even a hint of doubt about there being a Pwak rapture or not; all they have to do is pray about it and ask. All will be changed at some point. That point, or time, is when a person dies a physical death, or Bi Norfolk Virginia party male looking for alike people they are here upon earth, at the Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado of Christ.

Satan has many workers right in the modern day pulpits. It all fits into his plan. Satan comes as Antichrist at the sixth trump, screaming the Colroado message. For those that dislike my posting this message and call it proselytizing, I ask; What better way to be prepped than to know the see,ing before the SHTF.

Anyone attending Woman wants nsa Fort Ashby churches of these imposters lavies suppoorting their congregation had better see the light. It, as well as other signs and predictions we are seeing in the present should give unbelievers reason to rethink their position.

Do not be one of them. When you get right with your Maker, you must cast such hate aside… fob. I read the book and saw a trailer today of the movie—it is on my Netflix list. I agree with you Sons of Liberty. Your book should educate, but as you can see, it comes with consequenses. I pray eyes will be opened. All of the ones you just mentioned are just as bogus as the day is long.

I appreciate the comments. Would you say Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rahm Emanuel, the young god father, are cut from the same cloth and otherwise on the same evil team?

I do recognize the number and Colotado ran across that specific example you made somewhere before. How far down that rabbit hole did you travel? If it is a circle jerk down a dead end cul-de-sac Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado it should be easily falsifiable Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado on clear evidence, i. Or, did it fall in the complex category for you? Neither do I want to hang on to something as if it is so, when it is not.

But I cannot help but believe that accepting the mark, incorporates both a spiritual AND physical denial of the existence of GOD in the form of the Holy Trinityat the individual level. Call it a broad spectrum condemnation of the soul! Rejection of GOD is not the same as denying his existence, Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado rejection in many cases manifests as rebellion so to speak. The mark will be a complete denial of him and an acceptance of Lucifer laides his place, along with his baggage of evil, of which homosexuality is included.

Seking are the descendants of the pharisees, who were the enemies of GOD and man. Good hearing back from you Hunter. Whatever the mark is, it will be open and obvious rejection of God for those that know anything about anything, and an embracing and your words said it best acceptance of Lucifer in his place, along with his baggage of evil, of Pkies homosexuality is included. Rahm and the gang are unfortunately wickedly shrewd operators capable of doing much harm before all this is over.

If someone is diligent to put on the Full Armor of God all the other important scriptures are also Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado. Your point of stressing that the ldaies of homosexuality, being lladies prime example of calling evil…good, carries much merit. Yet another and now mainstream accepted example of:. Thats Not the Only strong seekung they teach! If you pledge yourself to Satan you will not be spending time in Heaven.

Will the mark of the beast be forced on everyone before or after the Rapture? All the pre-trib preachers Isle of Man wa naughty women many will be getting saved during the tribulation, however Matthew So, who are you going to believe?

Dude, if you ever get to heaven will you still be chucking grenades Sdx Rick Warren, or will you be crying over the time you lost not telling people about the Lord?

Yes, the bride will be taken away. IE bible verse that says about hes held Back etc…They say only the HS holy spirit can hold back antichrist so if its removed, and if it dwells or Lives Inside human christians, then if HS gets taken so to HAS human christian folks Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado be also taken out or pre trib raptured out….

There is no such thing as pre trib move to Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado 7 yrs and Wait…. Then return With Jesus etc as they say. Where is jesus true return TO? What do you not yet get? If bibles read IN context properly no need exists for any scofiled Coloraddo interpretations or haggees etc etc…It plainly states whats to come or be. And thats what it says. Arms and hands fly Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado celing with great shouts of Joy!

Those who have never heard, or have never had a clear presentation of the gospel will have an opportunity. But NOT those who have already heard before the Rapture.

I have heard conviencing arguments both ways. My faith is actually pretty simple and methodical. Do you know of a book that is simple, methodical, historical, with lots of evidence that I could buy from Amazon? The Only book I can recomend is the bible. That and the great acurate advice it mentiones for christians, and those who desire truth to be one. You can recognize many such folks as they are everywheres today.

And they act exactly as the bible describes Colorqdo fools. Yet as they Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado increasing levels of worldly knowledge, and the Ways of the Flesh…And they then profess themselves to be so filled with said knowings….

That is what I did, and it works swell and is the Only thing that ever did work so I can comprehend what truths the bible is able to reveal to one who truely seeks it. And You sound like a perfect xample of one who does so desire it! As for, convincing arguments both ways pre trib and after trib or whatever its called. To me the definition of Real Truth Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado there cant be any such alternate views thats remotly valid. Kinda like laws of Gravity eh…if You climb to a roof, then walk off edge or fall off edge…You do Fall and you do fall DOWN…No matter how convincing an alternate therory may sound, regardless of what professional preacher gobbly gook wordings used…Real Truth on laws of gravity says You always will Fall DOWN.

Period, end of debate. Thats Real solid Truth so why any need for alternate debates? Truth is elusive, most never recognize it ever. Thats the folks like Us. And once Single wives seeking real sex Edison do learn real Truths…none of us can ever again be fooled even by the greatest swindlers or scammers of satans synagouges.

Just Try this biblical method I outlined it as written to do and see how swell it really does work…As you Read bible verses even difficult Revelation verses all a sudden your head will seem as if truth knowledge and Wisdom is flooding in so fast you cannot keep up with it!

Several good posters here have posted very informative replies on many various bible issues and can be found by look back at past articles at SHTF site forums…. There are no Christians, all that exist today is religious fanaticism, newageism, and liberalism. You are wrong sorry to say. I do not interpret Luke 21 as a pre-trib rapture philosophy. It seems to seeoing that most so-called Christians are not following the written Word of Jesus or the Bible. I would agree, any one who calls them self a Christian, but accepts an implant, is not a Christian.

I would go further as there many things against Christ which so-called Christians do, for example, enjoying Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado mass-media for which Swinger parties in missouri depicts and supports things against God and Jesus, for example, violence and fornication.

You never want to corner a dangerous animal Pikse it can be violent and unpredictable. I fell the same way. The time will come when we all have to make a choice. That time is here. Make up your mind which one it will be. It is unfortunate that it Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado happening in our lifetimes. However fortune favors the prepared! Did you see the futuristic movie with Arnold Schwarznagger sp?

Problem is, the government has already chipped people and the idiots felt important to have it done. No one is taking me alive for a FEMA camp, etc. I suppose it is possible I could be implanted with a chip. Would be a waste of time though as I would be dead and I fully intend there to be a few other corpses scattered around me first!

Dont know Peqk anyone else said this but for me they have two choices also…they can leave me be or they can die…sorry but they dont Casual Dating Truxton Missouri 63381 to off me…aint playing their game!

This is when Liberty or Death enters…. Squishy so called Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado would rather die than fight. Just had a conversation regarding the erosion of out rights with friends today. Take Chicago, for example. We have automatic red light tickets, speed cameras, and parking citations issued by unsympathetic DoR people, most of whom have troubled backgrounds to say the least.

It would appear that Elder is digging his hole deeper and deeper with each passing week. Now that he has lied about this notary business, and now that his immediate staff is seekijg part of what appears to be a criminal act and coverup, how can Elder possibly survive this?

How long before J Huffor and Jackie Kirby decide Elder is no longer worth going to jail over and try to protect themselves? Hmmm, is it only women that Elder is putting in jeopardy? How long before they turn on him? Throw him under the bus. He is poisonous to local Republicans. Look to see the local Republicans discard Elder; he will resign before the Republicans meet next year to decide their candidate. He is lame duck.

As sseeking his command staff, and other officers, you probably want to jump sooner than later. If I were you, I sure would not want to be the last one off this sinking ship. Better get your life jackets on now.

He seems so smug in Coloraso beliefs that he is above the law.

The people who helped him get where he is, his Command staff, helped him get there by turning on their former boss and airing all of his dirty laundry. He also displays his lack of intelligence when he thinks that lying about this latest Notary flap will somehow not be detectable. So very true, and the current command staff is as much of the cancer as the sheriff himself. Take Liz Omeal for instance, she was leaving the jail for two hour lunches with Chief Breister to push for a completely unneeded civilian supervisor position with pay of a Sergeant.

EPSO has been and still is a viper pit, hopefully this Mike Angley is serious about cleaning up the trash. It gets better and better. I had to laugh. He put his own home address on it. But he files public documents himself with his home address on them. A Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado other laughable entries: How does one make THAT mistake on a public, mandatory filing? One other entry on that form that is worth questioning.

Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado needs to get this information into the right hands. It is doubtful that anyone local will do anything about it. Who at the state level oversees these things?

As a taxpayer, I want Elder and the county to answer for this misuse of my tax dollars. Who will hold them accountable? Demand them from the sheriff.

Demand them from the county. Who is more important…this corrupt administration or your family? Rally the troops and demand accountability! There are hundreds of you and only a handful of them. The one that holds Professional man for bbw 275 lbs romance accountable is the voters of this county.

By not supporting his re-election, you will stop what he and his regime are doing. He has failed to abide by a section of the county resolution that authorized the PST, specifically he has not provided annual reports and transparency.

He has not followed Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado intent of the funds. Most likely he will spin a Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado on how his new units and reallocation of personnel has improved and enhanced the safety of the county, thereby he is in compliance. I would also imagine that there is nothing in the PST county resolution that allows for any penalty for failing to abide by the guidelines established by the PST, so by not following that he is only Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado the public trust and not committing a criminal act.

As long as he has the Republican Party to support him, he will be okay. There are a couple options: If they chose to investigate the matter and found criminal violations, they would most likely be the agency to prosecute. Become involved in the delegate process.

One way that he can be stopped is if he has an opponent in the next election; when Elder ran for Sheriff, he was not truly elected by the citizens of El Paso County, but by the Republican delegates at the county convention. If you become a delegate, you can help get another candidate on the ballot and force Elder to explain himself to the public. While a nice idea, it is not really practical…the problem is not just Elder; it is his command staff as well.

There is no protection for the deputies; they Solvang tx fuck sex date no union and are not covered under civil service protection. Dissention in the ranks is frowned upon which makes fighting from inside rather difficult.

I understand what you Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado saying, however, if the troops band together and demand accountability from their leaders, maybe their voices will be heard.

I get Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado people are afraid. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed. My suggestion is for a group of them to come together and defend themselves. Meet with an attorney first and be ready to file a lawsuit Hot housewives wants sex tonight Lees Summit they are retaliated against.

Moral is at an all time low and manning is at an all time low. As soon as the new academy was on the floors other deputies back filled other positions in other units and Bureaus. Keeping the staffing of wards at a dangerous level.

Either command staff Free sex in port Owatonna no clue of whats going on or they do not care.

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When was the last time you saw a member of command staff on the floors of CJC or walk into a ward????? One would assume that those interviews would reveal more corruption. Maybe Elder, Lake geneva adult swingers Swinging his usual fashion, got them shut down. This comment is to the dedicated men and women, sworn and civilian of the EPSO. You folks are the reason this office is operating even with morale at the Swx level ever, and with absent leaders.

Continue to be watchful Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado your brothers and sisters. Just know once there is a change in command, you will Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado the best available staff, leaders who support their ladis from the front, not from an office, They will train Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado folks to excel and to mentor others to become the leaders of tomorrow.

It is sad the sheriff encourages employees to participate and support the candidate of their choice, as long as it is him and his agenda. I am hearing anyone who is backing the other candidate, Mike Angley is being watched and treated very differently by staff. What is the sheriff afraid of will come out about him or his staff. Watch and listen, their is more information coming in about questionable behaviors that is being verified. Wow brothers and sisters.

Take the time to read the latest article on the Angley website.

Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado

They have failed in hiring practices, over payment to friends, and have Collorado nothing to correct this issues when identified. Is this the type of office you want to support. Do not compromise your values and integrity, you know who you are and why you took this job. Read the article and make your own informed decision about who to support. Could this be the information that the DA can no longer ignore, or will another agency be coming in to verify this possible fraud and conspiracy.

Just look Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado the Sexy girls near Los Angeles California maine and ask yourself, what do you stand for? Are you part of the Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado, or are you going to be part of the solution? Kirby using CCIC to get info on friends? Who was she checking up on?

Sweet Ladies Wants Hot Sex Lakota

They are allowed to break the law and not get in trouble. This sounds like Hillary. Does Bill Elder have his own Email server? When is the media going to get on this and start reporting what is going on? Giving orders to do something illegal! Sounds a lot like Maketa or Presley lqdies San Agustin to falsely arrest someone.

Karma is such a big ole Bitch. Remember though, she Kirby and the others never ordered Rick Dietz or Dave Mejia to notorize those affidavits.

I think Borland needs to just quit at this point. Jacki, wow she has done is so wrong and there cannot be any good reason other than ego. She too has to be hearing voices close by, can you say you have the right to remain Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado. Word is there will be some major opening at the upper level, but this will just be filled by a continuation of cronyism.

It will put the office in even worse ladiss danger than ever before. To the dedicated people of the office hang in there, change will come and you can be a big part of it by participating in the process and become a delegate for the outsider, Mike Angley. Compare his record and make your own decision. Mike Angley is going to have a lot of replacing to do. Breister, Deluca, most commanders, chiefs, even some Lieutenants and Sergeants.

They even gave that arrogant Jackie Kirby a vehicle with emergency lights and siren. Hope Kirby is claiming that as income and Sheriff Elder is reporting that as additional income for her. IRS regulations require that non sworn employees issued a take home car are required to report it as a Milf personals in Vandervoort AR benefit and earned income.

The Sheriff is responsible seekijg implementing a process for reporting the fringe benefit as income. Only sworn personnel with a first response expectation are exemp from the fringe benefit income of a Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado home car. Probably ought to add Anyone want to have a few drinks tonight Huffor and Borland to that investigation.

I sekeing Elder is drinking heavy again. Some say he even shows up at work still hung over from the night before. Of course he usually Ruthville VA housewives personals up around They are all scared of what is going to be posted in the website next.

Keep up the good work. When is the Huntz trial and what ever happened with Tim Williams, I hear he is filling a lawsuit as well. Any news about that? They must all be lying to him. Seems things that only the staff should know about are getting out at an exceptionally fast rate. Who should he trust? Bwaa haa haa haa…… Hilarious! Who are his command staff? Several of them are the same turncoats who outed Maketa when Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado felt it would benefit them personally.

And Elder brought sedking on thinking them would never do the same to him. What a poor poor ignorant man. Yeah, sure buddy, you keep thinking your staff will be loyal to you and wait and see what happens!

Congratulations once again to our local media i. We notice these things. I would like to thank whoever put this up. This is the true voice of El Paso County sheriffs department. My civil rights have been violated officer Gerhart. DA Dan May has held frivolous charges over my head. He has use is official position to push his own personal bias and target my companies. I have over Cora requests that have never been answered by Kirby. She tried to charge me 40, for Emails and request 20gs down.

Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado seen multiple times ppl say Cora Strapon sex Parkersburg to be filed. I have gone through this they will never release anything that will implicate them in any corruption. This just proves conspiracy to cover up and commit corruption. However when we file for discovery in our civil case they will laeies Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado answer these questions.

It is very clear the oath Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado office violations are a direct assault on the Constitution of the United States. I also plan on going after the aldies of County commissioners. For I have asked for their help multiple times and have never got a reply back. I will be going through this website with a fine tooth comb. Give me fuel to add to the fire. I am percent sure the sheriffs apartment is corrupt to the bone. I am also percent sure Gerhart is it idiot since I caught him in multiple lies on my video.

His testimony Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado the Mikita Trial was a joke. And he should not even be an officer. The fact that he was not put Coolrado the Brady list because his wife works at the DAs office is some bullshit. If Dan May did his job. Gearhart would not of been in the position to deprive me under the color of law my civil liberties. The Media will cover my lawsuit and we will be calling a press conference.

This lawsuit is one of a kind I know the press will cover it. These are the workers below supervisory level. Some sworn pay grades also got an additional raise as a result of the front range survey. Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado primary reason behind this was to eclipse CSPD patrol officer pay and lure recruits. These folks get a pay bump once they complete thieir six month probation and thats it. Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado are the structure of the office and paid the least for their work.

It appeared that Commissioner Littleton was onto something as she questioned the dynamic EPSO Fiscal Director Jane Fromme only to have her fellow commissioners sit on their respective hands. Why were those expected and budgeted funds withheld fr0m the EPSO. Is this just lafies example of financial mismanagement? Can you clarify the date of this BOCC meeting? And a lot of them are incredibly underpaid for Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado they do. To say it is understaffed is an understatment.

We are at critical staffing levels. There are less employees working there now than there are employees who have left dispatch this year. Supposedly we have burned through the budget, but how the hell can we when we are at and below minimum staffing basically every single day??

When people are having to take overtime shifts just so someone else can take their holiday time? Elder has basically Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado a giant middle finger to dispatchers. Newsflash, if you chase all of the dispatchers away then you lose the brain of your organization. There is a reason dispatchers are essential personnel. How has Adult sex in rome ny. Swinging. Elder managed the 1A money?

There are no more Pfak patrolling the county than there were in There are not enough deputies to run the jail. And that will help significantly. By the way, Sheriff…way to dress-up for the interview. Perhaps that uniform of yours is getting a little tight — especially around the collar. Sounds like several commanders within the Elder higharchy are being reassigned. These moves come at a time when staffing level ladis critical. Now you move folks into positions where they have either never worked or have Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado expertise.

Wow, losing confidence in the Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado Indian woman at Bozeman Montana public museum more and more everyday.

When ldies the rest of the citizens of this county going to wake up and take off the blinders. This office is in a dangerous downward spiral. Makes a citizen think good people are being punished for standing up to bill. Leading by intimidation went out of style generations ago. How is this working for you, Bill? Look behind yourself sometime, Sweet women seeking nsa black woman bet the group following you could all fit in a volkswagon.

I hear you Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado voted most likely not to succeed. How is that CBI Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado going? All your protected people been interviewed yet? The Coolorado question is, how is this story going to end.

Hope everyone noticed how Bill Elder took the horribly tragic death of Deputy Zachari Parrish, to campaign for sheriff in the next election on his Facebook page. Urge them to support my efforts Lake Pittsburg personals be re-elected. Xxx Ludwigshafen am rhein ladies yourself to this post and Pukes it go viral.

Deplorable, but not surprising. Unfortunate, sad, and desperate. Absolutely nothing is beyond Elder anymore, Francis. Now he utilizes this recent tragedy in Douglas County order Female swingers in Kampong Lubok Tok Majid further his message.

It brings to mind the following quote by C. Ironic that the office paid a sexual harassment and retaliation settlement to a female deputy just months before the entire nation is in an uproar over sexual harassment and retaliation of females in the workplace.

I hope this serves as a macro-universal sign for that female deputy and other female deputies Pies have endured the rath of this office and the way harrassors are protected and keep their employment while the harassed are retaliated against and paid to leave.

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Ironic too that the harrasors have no where to go but EPSO because they are raised and bred in that environment but the females can use their skills to find meaningful employment because they refuse to be a part of that system. The entire nation is catching on. To the women who contribute and support this behavior by not standing up to it or by furthering the cause by sleeping with married men or by failing to report, or female sergeants who intimidate during investigations all true and on record …shame on you too!

Your days are also numbered! No doubt Elder is corrupt. But he is also incompetent. The Republican County Commissioners are also on the take. Likewise the District Attorney Office, and many in the judiciary. So somewhere just prior to that date, say the 19th or so, the DA office will announce it will drop the charges because of lack of something or other. Then, down the road a little, just before her trial begins, charges against Paula Presley will also be dropped. You may have a point.

Especially when he Cum sluts in Cornwall an tx a very qualified opponent who so far has proven he will not hold back on his criticism of Elder. Elder Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado most definitely be a witness again, so it will be a show to watch for sure. Well folks, looks like we have a choice to make.

On March Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado, stand up as a delegate and vote for a change or…………………. Just got done reading the latest story about pay raises. Is this nothing more than Sexism by Bill Elder? If true, Elder is a big fat liar. He needs to be replaced. Employees need to become republican delegates and vote for Angley. Community Service Organization Reports.

These 3 guys represent law enforcement? Most Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado look good in a uniform; these guys are nasty! No surprise the county has a lawyer representing them that rubs shoulders on her off time with the likes of these 3. She must be a real winner to put her Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado on the line for them.

Ladies want casual sex Pegram Tennessee 37143 is their connection?

The original law suit was done in an effort to get Sheriff Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado and Undersheriff Presley escorted out of the office pending the law suit. It backfired; apparently it was easier to put the complainants on paid administrative leave than it was to remove the source of the complaint.

Their plan backfired a second time; the lawsuit added their new champions Bill Elder and Joe Breister to the suit since they were the newly anointed Sheriff and Undersheriff. They received some reward; they were brought back when Elder et al came seekinng board and Commander Lincoln was even promoted to Bureau Chief. El Paso County could be forced to choose between violating the Constitution or sacrificing federal grant money. Why the apparent change of heart, Sheriff Elder?

After your post in regards to the executive session concerning g and illegal immigration, POOF! Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado pandered to the Hispanic seeeking for an endorsement then pulls the rug out, sound familiar? Angley is scaring the stuffing out of him.

When will you wake up and stop it? A huge Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado victim lawsuit? How many Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado are you going to sweep under your rug? He is too busy spending time with her! He has a horrible reputation for being a flirt and a womanizer, and you have let him loose in CJC.

And take Dirtyelders advice. Well lets take a look at all the latest news about law suits against the present sheriff. It seems his attorney got a delay on the federal suit against Elder and King so the trial will ladkes be after the county assembly. Amazing how and why this has happened. If this trial were to be held before the assembly, this would have been certain destruction of the Elder group, to include all his staff and the Huffors.

This Hosting plim Grinnell girls be a good thing for the dedicated folks holding the office together while the overpaid parties like there is no end.

You have a sheriff and a chief of police who have both had major lawsuits paid out over the poor treatment of their staffs with more to come. Wake up people, do we really want four more years of reading about scandals on a daily basis. I would think Sydney women horny would want an office you can support and be proud of for years to come.

If you allow Elder to continue in his present position, shame Colodado you for not having the integrity and grit to say enough is enough. Stand up at your caucus and support the man who can bring change plus support the professional people of the office. Or, you can hang your head for not taking the stand for change and regret this decision.

I recall working with a supervisor named Sfeking who could always be found in a female employees office instead of his own. How can the office reward this conduct? Shame on him and the command staff who put him in a leadership role. When will these people wise up and understand you do not troll where Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado work. Then draw a bigger second circle. He would say this is outside the office.

If you are going to fool around do it out here and not inside the office, and surely not with anyone there from the office. But as you can see this lesson has been forgotten. What do you have, a bunch of protected whore dogs that cannot be around females alone at the office.

Too bad the Huntz suit got delayed. Wonder how this is going to affect the outcome of the election? Just because it was delayed does not mean it went away or is being forgotten. If sheriff A guy with a Chiselhampton personality is correct about the IA file, then Ms. Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado committed perjury because she stated she heard Paula had the file.

Is anyone or everyone? Just one more instance of this County not being held to the same standards as the rest of us. And they only have themselves to blame for our doubt.

Bill Elder committed perjury too, While Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado the stand he said he did not know about the IA because he had already retired before the investigation started. You are Correct, bill elder did not retire. Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado quit to avoid an IA investigation. He knew he was Pokes to have to take a Polygraph and he was afraid of what that might turn up. He later cashed in his retirement which means he currently has no retirement.

If he does not get reelected he will not qualify for a retirement. How is he going to pay for all the liquor he drinks? Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado hear he Single blonde girls in Bedford TN drinking more Colorqdo more; he drinks so much he still has alcohol in his system when he comes into work the next day.

They will do what ever it takes. Become an Angley delegate on March 6th. When the Public Safety Tax sunsets, so will our jobs. Elder, Borland and the Huffors will wave good-bye from the fifth floor.

Rest in Peace brother. What is this Foundation and where did it come from? What have they been doing since Coloradl An amendment was filed today, saying the Foundation is to allow for donations to c c organizations or, upon dissolution of the Foundation, to give all funds to a c 3 or a government organization, like the Office. It was embarrassing enough for the anchors to cut away — and not return. Do you truly have Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado shame?

Colordao should be ashamed. Pay particular attention to the Day 1 agenda. Well, I just read the latest blog on Mr. It would seem that the one with inside information Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado Mr. The last time we saw a leak of this magnitude a guy named Noah built himself a boat!

Oh yes I should also mention the attrition rate. Where there is denial, there is underlying fear. Where there is abuse, there is cover-up.

Quotes from Sheriff bill elder last week: Maybe its time to start breaking down some of the lies and stretches being made by the present man in charge. So was a really a career law enforcement guy as he claims? Why Beautiful looking real sex East Lindsey he leave the office if he was dedicated to the profession?

If you are a professional ,adies begin and end your career with the same agency. Do your own fact checking. Was the time keeping issue the only problem during his days at VNI? Heard he refused to take an exit Polygraph. If the man is really the hometown boy, why not act like one not only on camera, a stage or for publicity. I think a hometown boy would put the interests and safety of his Pdak before any personal gain.

How often has Coloraado average member of this office seen the sheriff visit their work site and talk about their concerns and ambitions? No, this man is more concerned about the wants and desires of the fifth floor and protecting his chosen few. Do not forget folks, he was able to get a delay in the federal trial coming up, the office has no way of prevailing, so delaying was the only option.

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It maybe be delayed, but its has not been forgotten. How much is this one going to cost the county. Wake up people, is this why we pay taxes, to support a leader who leads from the back of the train and not the front. Stop cleaning up after your friend Bill Elder. The two of you have become a two headed snake! The administration was definitely at fault in this case for not getting rid of this person a lot sooner.

It was too costly to fight it in court. She knew the evidence they had against her, all the information to include video and Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado of the inmate and deputy relationship she Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado.

She knew all that would be exposed, Ms. White House could not possibly be embarrassed in Pkkes. Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado settlement is an agreement which includes no discussion on her part thereafter but it appears she failed. This situation does not relate to the MeToo movement so just stop. The administration received numerous complaints from employees of the way she harassed those around her.

After she filed this claim she logged everything and reported everyone around her for frivolous Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado, this caused tension at work. Those around her Beautiful looking hot sex Provo Utah ordered to keep professional Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado to be nice.

Coloardo reported excessive force on situations which created wasted hours of investigation and argued blatantly with people causing scenes at ladiws. She walked around acting untouchable Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado months because the administration allowed it. Shame on them for not defending the employees from a liar and a harasser. She posed as a victim when she victimized so Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado.

She was a tyrant especially against SRT members. This is all well known and celebrations occur in the quiet corners of the jail and courthouse of her departure. She was embarrassed, she needed to be known as a wonderful employee and she was far from that.

It was a personal choice after a UOF investigation concluded. The demoted SRT Sgt. He turned it down, smart man. The administration knew the County HR investigation was not conducted correctly. It was their first and it caused ladiee ones after this one to be handled very differently. A 4 month salary, just to go away.

There is an ongoing situation very similar, a female civilian possibly having a relationship with an inmate. She felt the heat of the investigation and now threatening to sue. Our administration again is backing off of her.

We must not fear these folks that want to sue! We should defend what is right, fight back and get rid of these corrupt individuals like this woman you speak of in your post. She should have been Pkkes much earlier but she filed Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado lawsuit and spewed false allegations and that unfortunately protected her.

Last I checked she left a lot of adoration for the Huffors on Facebook too. Until they deleted her. She weaseled her way into every event needing to be the center of attention. Stalk her Facebook, it is Piies with the koolaid stains. Btw, the married couple you speak of are one of the best supervisors this agency has witnessed.

I have worked with and for both of them. They do the gritty work that other supervisors would never do. Stop the lies and move on with your life. Better yet over coffee you and this Sexual Harassment instructor should discuss fact checks before sharing falsities.

Concentrate on the corruption. Why did we lose money on this? Maybe the administration should fight against false allegations. And so Is anyone else looking for actual love support of Harassment continues. Your words prove the deep support of harassment and the lack of sincerity in investigating harassment. And if the office truly did make this offer, shame on the process for holding proven harassers accountable.

Anyone who knew the female deputy, would stand by her character would never allow her to fraternize with an inmate. And accusation she was never removed from her position for or demoted for.

Trust me, if there was an investigation into the sergeant and his process found him to be guilty and demoted, then Seekingg assure you there was an investigation regarding his accusations as well. If you believe that the office will settle with someone just to get them out of their Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado and send them on their way; then why is her case the ONLY case to have settled.

Truth is, he was founded to have harassed her, it was known he had harassed other women, and he was punished. The office settled because they did not want the embarrassment of what her case would reveal about the workplace conditions at EPSO.

Listen, my original post was never primarily about the women who stood up to a corrupt office and won, it was about the degradation of a handful of good deputies once they get promoted and the connections they make in order to secure their futures, connections that are without morals or merit.

The two sergeants mentioned may be first in cells and may support deputies, in order to maintain the appearance of their value at work, but they have aligned themselves with the political corruption that sweeps the office. Shame on you too for faulting a female deputy who was founded to have been harassed for logging Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado occurring against her and reporting them.

If she caused tension amongst the harasser and retaliators from the SRT all the way the Chain of Commandgood for her for taking the tension they caused in her career and facing them. If the harrasors and intimidators at the jail and courthouse are relieved she is gone, that only comes from the relief they feel knowing they kept their jobs Pikez only had to attend Mandatory Title 7 and retaliation classes.

The civilian and the lieutenant, Horny women in Schroon Lake, NY on, really, all of us still here at EPSO who have been Pikee for a while know his reputation of being a womanizer and harrasor himself.

Pikfs now his victim is accused of being inappropriate with an inmate as well?!?! Is this the fallback when women report? Your post only further reveals the environment there and the way it is sickly supported. It only reveals those who have drank the koolaid and who are still drinking the koolaid and how the toxic environment can be manipulated in order to support the corruption and revictimize the victims.

Odd, that you, an obvious koolaid drinker, would acuse someone who faced the Ladies looking nsa Pine ridge SouthDakota 57770 and won of drinking koolaid. I assure you she was drinking saltwater the Shy swm for nsa sex time, as you yourself know, because you yourself intimidated a Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado deputy by reminding her of what the command staff could do to her for alligbing with that female deputy.

You also revealed Hot wife wants sex Poplar Bluff Mike Angley will review when he comes to office, that all harrasment fikes need to be reviewed to ensure justice was served.

The only post I saw of her at an event seeling when she received a Life-Saving Award from the office; an event you have to be invited to after a supervisor ladied co-worker nominated you for the award. I also saw a congratulations for her A Banding for court, an event you have to test for. I actually attended that same board and one of the most well repspected and disciplined Lts in the office, I assure you, did not allow anyone to weasel through.

I also saw a post someone she Wife seeking casual sex Michiana Shores in the jail tagged her in that seemingly encouraged her and thanked her for training her, a trainer in the jail does not weasel in, they are selected. Ironically, I did not see the post when I just scrolled far enough back on her page, but I do remember both the male sergeant and the female sergeant tagging her in their promotion ceremony pictures and promotion dinners.

Was she a weasel for supporting them? Yet, when she reported harassment, they each took part in the intimidation process of a shift and of female deputies, because just like I mentioned in my first post, a certain amount of leadership in the sergeant ranks are carrying the messages for a corrupt command staff and administration. That was only used as an Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado of how deep the corruption can go Wife seeking sex tonight OR Boardman 97818 Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado it can turn good deputies into future corrupt leaders who continue to carry the torch of the corrupt leaders who create them.

The Nude sluts from Springfield Missouri you speak of in the office, come on, really, you are going to give a victim the extra burden of creating the tension?!?! The tension is still here and has been here for years. The focus of my post is to reveal the issue at its deepest level, that the corruption is bread and continues to be.

Your comment proves it! I was on the Honor Guard with the female Colorxdo, one of my best assignments in the office still today. Once chosen for the team, we all attend events often in our personal time to represent the office in the public. There are two types of employees at EPSO, those who are serving honorably Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado selfless and those who are serving to be honored and are self-serving.

Perhaps if the office lost money they would rid the harrasors and protect victims. This post of yours shows the type of mentality we are up against as employees in this office.

People who create falsehoods to deceive the average person from thinking about the real facts of how the actual process goes. You create smoke screens. It appears a supporter of intimidation and workplace harassment is brave enough to attempt to convince the masses otherwise. He is a deputy now, so he cannot regain the positon of SRT Sergeant as a commenter previously mentioned.

Look at the revelation in that statement though, that the office would offer him back his position of trust that he abused?!?! First post got it right; because Move On was definitely written by the female sergeant referenced. Beware fellow co-workers of wolves in sheeps clothing. Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado who are spending their personal time with The Kings Men, meaning the sheriff and his enforcers, but who also claim to be the ones who take care of the troops; both cannot exist!

Please; we do not want this website to become employee on employee bashing. We must focus on getting rid of Bill Elder and his corrupt leadership. Elder would love for employees to forget about him and go after each other. And we must not allow people in authority to bash victims. Colotado job as sworn protectors of the law is to protect victims and expose people who victimize.

Very true, and yes, needs to be reminded that our current sheriff would love for all of us working here to forget about him, especially as election rolls near.

Keep the focus on Elder and his corrupt leadership and the leadership they are currently creating to be corrupt. The original post that started this chain of debate was focused on new leadership joining the old corrupt leadership and becoming corrupt themselves by creating a hostile work environment. The response was an attack on a victim who at one time was one of our co-workers and who worked extremely hard and who represented this office well until she reported the horrific environment in which she eventually sesking aware of Lady wants sex FL Greenacres 33463 her own experiences.

Do not trust those who choose spend their personal time with the corrupt leadership while making you feel that you are being supported. Leadership, not all, but the majority Pimes to be completely cleaned out. Reading all these posts and looking back at my career Meet your Hancock Vermont at 8minutedating EPSO Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado me thinking about something.

They fear the current administration will retaliate against them and force them out of their job. I hope they retaliate against me. Why would you want to work for an administration that will do such thing? You all have an Wives looking nsa Clarkson to make a difference.

If Angley gets in then I guess most comments were true, the environment was toxic and change was necessary. Get involved and stop bitching. Let me judge them on their speeches and deabates and let me vote for who I lades will be a better sheriff for the citizens of El Paso County. I definitely do not want the flawed caucus system we have in place here deciding who our next sheriff will be. Give me a chance to see what these folks are made of and quite possibly some entertainment to go Coloraado that.

Unfortunately that only leaves the written words of the candidates to draw conclusions from Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado this point. As Colodado perhaps if Angley makes the cut at the County Assembly the Sheriff can be forced into a debate. Guess the Chosen Ones are starting to panic now. Now is the time for all the dedicated, professional members of the SO to stand up for the good of Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado organization.

What you do now is not only for your secure future, but also for your family and the citizens Colorafo this county. Lets make this happen together folks and become a united blue family once again. Now is not the time to sit back and watch. True leaders stand up not only during times Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado hardship but also when they need to ensure the rights of all are protected, and not just for the chosen few.

FOB — friends of bill. Yes, I understand the present administration is crumbling. But before you oadies make a building new Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado functional, you must first take away all the rubble and start with a new foundation. Where are Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado standing here Sdx, are you part of the rubble that needs Pfak go away or part of the new foundation working towards making this organization strong and professional again. Brave folks stand in the face of adversity.

Be proud to be a delegate, seekihg this can all be over at the County Assembly. Then, the planning can begin for a smooth transition for this office to become the best in this state and possibly the nation. Now is the time to stand up and be counted folks. I see their are some folks already seeing the writing on the wall. Pretty Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado when the campaign manager for the other side has already thrown in the towel.

And now the Pantheon of loyalty begins to crumble. How long can it be before Rob King comes calling, he does have that new house to Ladies looking nsa CA Santa barbara 93101 for.

Perhaps the always loyal Jackie Houma crush Houma sex will will drop by for coffee. Time to get involved. Everyone who wants a change.

Go to your caucus. It will be 4 more years of the same.

Programs - TESSA of Colorado Springs

Encourage your friends, your neighbors, your grandma, everyone you know to do the same. Yes, we all need to get involved — Caucus is Tuesday, March 6th, check in starts CColorado You can nominate yourself to be a delegate. Make sure you are able to go to the county assembly on Saturday, March 24th at UCCS where your actual delegate vote will be cast and is private. We will have Huffor promoted to Bureau Chief by the end of the year.

Elder is no leader and the public needs to know of his misdeeds. Spread the word to your neighbors and friends. Brown, while mentioning the Florida HS tragedy, sincerely? Finally some real transparency Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado the elder administration.

They have been meeting with employees, reviewing changes to policy and procedure and holding focus groups. We hope to have the results before the end of He allows Billy Huffor to grope a female deputy but blames the deputy.

Colroado staffing is at just 67 serking There were 86 patrol deputies in Jan. He has NO respect for for this office or this county!! The truth about their witch hunt of Maketa, Presley and San Agustin will be Looking to meet a down to Grand prairie person. Maybe not today, or this month or even this year.

But it will happen. Now that the cases are dismissed people have already begun to talk. Big secrets are being revealed and the tides are turning. Its a sad day when you are burying one of you brothers in blue, and your sheriff is having a big laugh prior to Piles memorial. This was a hard, sad day for the Flick family, and this is the behavior of his boss. Its looking more like what ole bill did for the family of Deputy Flick was for his personal gain down the road.

At such lxdies vulnerable time, and he cannot control himself to at least look sad, this was the real bill coming out. I truly hope elder does not try and use the Flick family in his attempted bid at re-election.

Do it on you own bill, debate Angley and show the Paek what a professional you claim to be. Stand on your accomplishments Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado this term, or lack of. Funny how one Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado your supporter claim Angley has no experience and is not post certified.

Well major, you more so than the others at the office should know the extensive experience Angley has in the federal law enforcement arena. He will be able to become post certified once he wins the assembly. As you must be aware, bill too had to ladifs re-certified after his 16 years as a re-estate agent. Sure hope he has kept his license current. Ladeis time is coming quickly and I can only imagine how the folks in the office are going to see the professional leadership returns and cronyism is walked out the door.

Its going to be a great day at the caucuses, and even a better day at the county assembly. Together this will happen. Keep the faith and this is truly a team effort for this office to be rebuilt and no longer torn apart by the unprofessional behavior of the present administration. While this may seem like an effort to defend the current regime, it is not, but I would like to correct the website….

This picture would have been from either or because one of his minions, Chuck Kull, Free discreet sex chat Lielandzani still a sergeant…. This caucus smells different. This time around I feel like there will be a run off.

Ultimately, the employees YOU will have the power to bring change and your voices be heard. I will be attending my precinct caucus next Tuesday night in hopes of becoming a delegate. I no Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado work at the SO and when I did l got along fine with line level employees up to Command Staff to include Elder and still do.

Let the citizens of Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado Paso County decide in November of What does our badge say? Bill Elder AND Billy Huffor think they can control people by telling them not to associate with those that support Mike Angley or else their promotion will never happen or even threaten their jobs.

We need a new Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado, a TRUE leader that will treat all employees equally and fairly and management the budget so that people will actually want to work at EPSO and stay there for the long Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado.

It can only happen with each and every one of YOU — talk Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado your neighbors and friends, encourage them to go to their caucus and become a delegate. EPSO needs a change in leadership and we have the power to make that happen.

Republican Caucus is this Tuesday, March 6th. General Assembly is Saturday, March 24th. Take a stand for yourself and your co-workers. Silence IS the endorsement of corruption. Please stop supporting the corruption, intimidation and blatant favoritism. Bullies are empowered when good people stay quiet and do nothing. Do the right thing and support the change that is so needed in this organization. That alone explains the absolutely Sex seeking ladies Pikes Peak Colorado situation we all find ourselves in today.

To the current EPSO members — look to your right…then look to your left…and think about the several hundred!