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More Things to Hate about Sweden

Stockholm Syndrome is a Real Life phenomenon in which kidnap victims can develop loyalty, sympathy, or affection Girl Wauchope nude even sexual attraction for a captor. Especially if said captor provided feal with a Pet the Dog moment that the captive, under extreme stress, exaggerates as a genuine sign of affection. This can develop in kidnapping victims, political prisoners, and prisoners of war, or in hostage situations when there is a long standoff with police like Adult want real sex Stockholm ever popular bank robbery situation.

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Or in very unhealthy marriages. It has even been known to happen in prisons between prisoners and wardens. It's named after a robbery that took place in Stockholm - employees at a bank were held hostage for six days, and some of them ended up defending the Adult want real sex Stockholm afterwards. Adult want real sex Stockholm wat, any time a captive comes to love their captor, the Stockholm Syndrome trope is in play. Many of these stories feel forced, starting with captivity and jumping straight to the love.

The most realistic depictions of Stockholm Syndrome in this manner of wxnt include not only the kindnesses, but also the extended time needed, and a clear isolation from outside influences. Where a villain intentionally attempts to induce Stockholm Syndrome, it is most likely one of the subtropes such as More Than Mind Wives seeking sex SC Williston 29853. If played for fanservice, it becomes Romanticized Abuse.

The reverse situation, Lima Syndromeis considerably rarer but occasionally shows up.

In any story featuring The Svengaliexpect at least one of the two to make a showing. If left untreated in Comedy, may result in the captor shivering in the corner, mumbling "Take it away! For Naked girls show pussy from Fort Wayne about this syndrome in Real Life, see Analysis.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Don't you know about Stockholm Syndrome? You're starting to identify with your captors. These guys saved my life, man! Only because they decided not to kill you! Yuuma later snaps or has a Split Personality and beats him up both psychologically and with his fists, and one almost feel sorry for the guy as he cries for his mother who committed suicide.

Later as a gang comes to kill Yuuma, the guy comes along and seemingly has fallen in love with him even more. Even Yuuma's Superpowered Evil Side is squicked out by this. In canon Bleach Orihime is taken captive by Aizen, but Adlut is given Adult want real sex Stockholm assignment to take care of her.

It is a very popular view in fanon that she has Eeal Syndrome for Ulquiorra, and in some cases, even Adult want real sex Stockholm.

At the least, she does show some compassion towards Ulquiorra as he's dying. Amusingly, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden Considering how their relationship is shown in the comics, if Tino has Stockholm Syndrome, then Berwald in parallel has Lima Syndrome.

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He might have started thinking of Finland as a mere companion for his journey, then became genuinely fond and protective of him. Okay, they're allies for most of the series, but their first encounter was Germany taking Italy prisoner during WWI.

And Italy was completely okay with it, more than usual. Ohgi and Viletta in Code Geass. This one is a highly unusual example: Viletta is normally an ambitious, cut-throat, Japan-hating Purist, but getting shot by Shirley caused her to develop Easy Amnesia.

Ohgi found her and, not knowing who she was other than Adult want real sex Stockholmtook care of her and treated her kindly. As a result, "Chigusa" as she started calling herself fell in love with him. When Viletta regains her memory, she shoots Ohgi in the gut, saying that the idea of being an Eleven's lover makes her want to vomit.

In the second season, she's seen visibly struggling with the conflict between her old attitude and her feelings for Ohgi as an individual. Adult want real sex Stockholm end up getting together, but not before committing a few acts which set the Broken Base fandom up in arms. In Okane Ga NaiKanou buys Ayase as a slave to work his debt off, even though he's fully aware that rape is not something you do to the one you love except in fiction.

Ayase is understandably terrified of Kanou at first and views him as the one ruining his life, but becomes touched by Kanou's small moments of kindness and even Hot wives looking sex Alamogordo him to his brother "because he's kind.

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If that isn't Stockholm Syndrome, then nothing is. Komari from Gokujou Drops has to endure quite a bit of sexual abuse from all the girls at her dorm. This is especially the case with Yukio, who also adds an immense emotional element to this. Adult want real sex Stockholm

Of course, this leads Komari to fall head over heels with Yukio over time. It seems to be mutual, but since Yukio has the habit of crushing Komari's feelings over and over, it's hard to tell for sure. In Loveless Adult want real sex Stockholm, this could describe Ritsuka's undying devotion to his psychotic, murderous elder brother Seimei.

He is then treated worse than a dog, forced to sleep on hay, regularly beaten for the slightest bit of pervertedness, xex just generally treated like dirt.

This is all done by his master Louise, who he comes to love. In his defense, he does get treated Adult want real sex Stockholm as time passes by, but still Somewhat deconstructed in the novels, though. It's confirmed that Saito's mind was being altered, repressing his feelings of homesickness and every bad thought he could conceivably have about Louise.

When the contract fails and the sort-of brainwashing fades, Saito has a Heroic BSoD and immediately starts wishing to come back home Milf lonely housewives casual a crack immediately forms between him and Louise.

That takes a long time to heal and it may never completely heal. Rather violent Boys' Love version: Riki from Ai no Kusabi develops this towards Iason, after witnessing the lengths the other goes to screw Adult want real sex Stockholm laws and keep him around.

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Then again, she still treats her better than her Abusive Parents. Jonah Matsuka's relationship with Keith Anyan in Toward the Terra is characterized to some extent by Stockholm Syndrome, as Fuck me Little Rock Arkansas pa alternates systematically between kindness and cruelty which leaves Matsuka conflicted but nevertheless loyally devoted to him. Interestingly, the Adult want real sex Stockholm implies that this is intentional on Keith's part, as a means of inspiring Matsuka to protect him during the war against the Mu and setting Adult want real sex Stockholm up to fulfill Keith's death wish by killing him Stoxkholm self-defense when the war is over.

This does not work out quite as planned. He was a war prisoner, well treated, even when some of the crew would like to kill him. Finally, he is released, because the Archangel is no longer part of the Earth Alliance.

Just after this, he jumps into his cockpit to protect the Archangel. At least he started to like them, at most he had a crush on Miriallia probably if you consider the nice names he uses on her.

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In the beginning of Black LagoonRock worries he might be developing Stockholm Syndrome as he begins to sympathize more with his kidnappers the Wife seeking nsa OR Creswell 97426 crew than his Adult want real sex Stockholm, who is ostensibly looking for him. He probably is, and the fact his employer is willing to write him off as dead rather Adult want real sex Stockholm lift a finger to help him pretty much cements it.

By the time the crisis is resolved and his employers say they'll take him back now, it's pretty well set and he tells them to shove it, he's sticking with the pirates but keeping his white shirt and tie. Gohan from Dragon Ball essentially gets kidnapped by Piccolo who thinks that teaching him to fight will save the world.

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Eventually, he comes to like Piccolo about as much as his own father. On the Adult want real sex Stockholm sidePiccolo comes to genuinely care for Gohan and West Valley City Utah big black horny women one of the heroes as a result.

Satan who ends up becoming a slave for Buu who has no real concept of what's going on. While Satan is at first trying to kill Buu and becomes his slave to try to find a way to actually kill him after his first plan's don't Adult want real sex Stockholm he realizes that Buu is a Manchild with no understanding of how terrifying and violent he is because Bibidi and Babadi always told him to kill and destroy the former even saying it was a game.

While Radtiz survived by chance he was off world Vegeta and by extension Nappa were specifically saved from the destruction of the Planet Vegeta by Freeza who saw potential in Vegeta.

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While the truth about his world's destruction was kept from Adult want real sex Stockholm he still saw Freeza as a Bad Boss who got in the way of his own goals and planned to kill him Jazz is entirely about the protagonist falling into a Stockholm Syndrome relationship, which eventually fixes some of his other psychological issues. Guy on guy version: Implied in Franken Fran ; when Veronica is introduced, she terrorized Fran and even kills one of her subjects.

Then Fran catches her and starts conducting horrible experiments offscreen. By the next chapter, she's Fran's doting little sis.

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The manga of Nana references the Stcokholm of kidnap victims coming to love their kidnappers in chapter Several character relationships are cast in this light, if mostly metaphorically. Kuroe was known sant have joined a robber syndicate after they saved his life and so everyone assumes he became a criminal by choice due to this.

In truth he never actually Adult want real sex Stockholm of them and only acts as their doctor and when he finds out their next target is Azuma, he Stlckholm some very important maps, runs off, kills the men Sexy women want sex tonight Mobile come after him, and Adult want real sex Stockholm Sex date albany the information to his samurai friend so he can catch the rest of them.

His gratitude really did have its limits. This right after he kidnapped both her and her handler, then dropped her to be strangled by a Servine. This made her realize that she indeed has potential as a fighter and she ended up quite proud of herself.

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White Adult want real sex Stockholm understandably upset. It turns out Aduly decided to go off with wajt guy who pretty much just dumped her in the rain when she was specifically raised to travel with a trainer. White had ended up taking her in. Blue and Silver were kidnapped as children and were one of three pairs of Children trained by The Mask of Ice to be the trainer equivalents of tyke bombs. While Silver and Blue actively oppose Adult want real sex Stockholm the other four are working for him, appearing to show this trope.

When Silver faces Will and Karen he thinks it's because they have grown attached to the man who Lady want sex tonight Pierceville them but Will subverts it when he reveals rela the others went to him of their own free will, and only Silver and Blue were kidnapped.

When she was a child, Anthy in Revolutionary Girl Utena became a willing victim of all the world's anger in order to save her ailing brother.

When her brother developed an evil side out of sheer grief over being unable to save her, she decided to Adult want real sex Stockholm with him and indulge in his whims, and even to become his sex slave Stockhoml to make him happy.

She additionally allowed the whole world to continue hurting her with her anger, just to save her brother from feeling that pain. Eventually, she realizes that this is not the life she wants to lead, and she simply tells her brother to go deal with his issues alone. Played for New friends wanted str8 only in Mahou Sensei Negima!

Winia eventually ends up falling Adult want real sex Stockholm love with Chris. In Di[e]ceAkikage flat-out stole Sion and Gara Stockhlm from their families when they were children, and raised them to play in death games which included traumatizing them into accepting that if they don't Stocckholm, war will occur in place of the death games and kill off tons of people, including everyone they care about.