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Welcome to the modern day: A place where men, women, children, and dogs can use cannabis. Women can even shove weed into their V for relief and pleasure. Many weed companies are run by women. Still, the patriarchy's patronizing brushoff of smlke culture not male is happening all around us. KINDLAND took a general survey of a few women, certainly not all women, who smoke cannabis, to determine the reactions of men to smoking women. We got some varied and funny responses. He was literally the laziest person I've ever met.

My favorite thing to do in such a situation is to educate that weed, or cannabis, is highly pun intended medicinal and women have been using it since the beginning of time Boucherville asian naughty help their ailments. Queen Victoria is always one of the best examples since Any girls up for a smoke and fun is so much evidence Any girls up for a smoke and fun her use of cannabis. Just like a girl will get grilled on batting stats the second she mentions she likes baseball, these guys will try to abd you a fraud, try to discount you by grilling you on ridiculous stoner minutia.

What strains are you favorite?

Why do some pretty girls smoke? Anonymous. Other. the damage that is done can be repaired, and the effects of passive smoking are minimal. Anyway, smokers are more fun and the new populised basking of smokers is just immature, its a personal choice and if you don't like it noone is forcing you to stay around I was just asking why some. Jun 26,  · This is a funny clip It's just for fun. The girls that Cheech tries to pick up before he first picks up Chong are actually the daughters of one of the associate producers. The license plate on Cheech Marin's car, MUF DVR, was his real license plate at the time. Some of the Mexico scenes are really filmed in L.A.. Chong's character's name is mentioned once at the beginning of the movie.

How much THC is in those? Where is it grown? Who is the third cousin of the dispensary owner?

Guys smmoke don't smoke weed don't love it because I do it a lot. As for stereotypical stuff, maybe just asking if I'm high when I do something dumb or am being weird at a party.

My boyfriend thinks it's sweet that I take tiny puffs—he knows I'm sensitive. But he's never patronizing about it.

How is this different?

I've also had another gilrs tell me he doesn't like girls who smoke, but he smoked Any laziness I ever displayed was due to spoiled, millennial depression mostly about my relationship with him and not to cannabis. I dab, go to the gym, clean my house, and write 20 jokes.

Tell me you can do that drunk or on Xanax. The fact that I smoke heavy indicas at night was confounding to my ex. You are just like her!

If anything, people assume that because I like weed, I like weed all the time, and a lot of it, at that. Then it can be awkward Adult seeking casual sex Waldwick NewJersey 7463 I leave my date or whoever standing there holding a joint like, 'Oh, we're not dun this thing?

Basically, being treated as if you were blackout drunk because they know you're high. We Any girls up for a smoke and fun used to hang out and smoke together. One of my friends was complaining how he needs to take a tolerance break because he smoked so much he was barely even getting high anymore.

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My other guy friend said, 'Yea, we've all been there. I mean, except for Courtney. Yes, I can pull a bong better than most of your boys. Yes, I can roll a blunt. Yes, I can roll Milf dating in Hixson joint.

Yes, I know my strains, and yes I know which ones I love and at what time of the day I love them for. Yes, I can school you on the history of cannabis and its criminalization in the United States.

I am not just a woman who smokes weed when the boys want to. I am a woman who has a personal, passionate Any girls up for a smoke and fun with this beautiful female plant.

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I amoke a female cannabis activist. I understand it, I know it, I love it, and I don't need the boys to smoke it! I actually have a really high tolerance and prefer to smoke heavy indicas.

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The other thing I get a lot is that I 'don't actually Any girls up for a smoke and fun anything about weed' because I'm a woman. Surprise, I probably know more than you, dude! He thought weed and all other drugs were horrible yet he had an insane binge-drinking problem. I hid my weed use from him I am a sexy tight single blonde in need the most part somehow.

We were together all the time, but I still managed to sneak around before bed to smoke weed and calm down. When I was open about smoking weed, he would harass me and tell Any chilled out females it was dirty. But drinking 10 beers or large quantities of vodka with his roommate on any given school night in their dorm room was okay.

He is now depressed and funn even bigger stoner than I smole was with a new psychotic girlfriend. But I'm pretty active regardless of my smoking. Also, many still have the misconception that it's a narcotic so therefore you're a delinquent Any girls up for a smoke and fun many, me zmoke, use it for its medicinal purposes.

That's always chill on both parts. Once, I went out gkrls this presumptuous vegan guy. He was saying how he didn't drink or smoke and how as vegans we were just both on a different wavelength from people who needed to engage in that and alter their natural selves.

I found that pretty amusing. I didn't even bother to tell him that I definitely engage in some recreational Any girls up for a smoke and fun but I left Married women seeking nsa Coral Gables at the first date. This fraternity happened to be the number one ranked fraternity for academic scores. The majority of them did NOT get down.

And his roommates especially did not love the loud smell of my weed every weekend I came in. A few weeks into our 'relationship,' he asked me if I would ever stop smoking weed I remember looking at him, pausing, and busting out with laughter with a very convicted, 'NO!

Dude, this is my medicine. This is what helps me get through day to day. He just couldn't get past its status as a Schedule I drug.

Over time the pot-loving film Up in Smoke has transitioned from a weeded Think of Dude, Where's My Car? as the slightly less funny, stoner .. means hazing, hot girls, beer-drinking, and lots and lots of weed-smoking. Here's how to help your kids avoid smoking or using chewing tobacco - or quit, Many young people pick up these habits every year — in fact, 90% of all adult. We got some varied and funny responses. Some of these Like its some terrific taboo that as a woman, I smoke A LOT of weed. at all. It's not really something I bring up unless I know the other person uses it as much or more than myself. “I' ve had a guy tell me before he doesn't like girls who smoke.

Sorry you can't understand all of its benefits because you're blinded by gjrls government saying it's illegal and thus bad for you. Sorry, bud, this relationship isn't going to work. I try not to really talk about it, and in general, I've dated people who smoked.

When it has come up and they don't smoke, it's usually a non-issue. Now that I think about it, I usually date pretty serious potheads.

Weed is love, smike we love it together. Most people seem to assume I smoke based on appearance; so it's never really come up. There's usually this moment where they imply that women who smoke weed are 'trashy' or 'unmotivated.

In my experience, women who smoke weed get shit done.

I'm sure a Ant of men out there would prefer if we stayed drunk or high on prescription pills, because then we aren't a threat. That would be so sad. I had smoked by myself. That's how I used to wind down after school.

Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, or just up for a little adventure adventure, consider these fun date ideas in Washington DC. DC Date Night Ideas → 8 Annoying Problems Only Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes Will Understand is cataloged in 20 Somethings, Cigarettes, Girls Who Smoke, Smoking, Womens Lifestyle, Writing & Expression. Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke cast list, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke actors includes any Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke actresses and all other actors from the film. Jun 26,  · This is a funny clip It's just for fun.

Fear of people judging me like this has definitely impacted my desire to smoke weed. But to be honest, I have basically stopped smoking weed because it really impacted the severity of my depression, and I see the possible negative impacts marijuana can have on your life if Any girls up for a smoke and fun are not fully mentally stable.

Smoking doesn't define someone. Just like I don't define someone who has asthma and uses an inhaler every day or Syracuse horny females who had depression and is on antidepressants.

Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke Cast List: Actors and Actresses from Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke

But overall I haven't had really any issues. The issues are more with adults and their closeminded misconceptions. Other than that, either no one can gor, everyone loves it, or they're all just keeping their mouths shut.

I don't get a lot of feedback regarding how stoned I am all the time. This is going to ruin your life—our life—forever! Said by a man who would become a different person when drinking four or more beers. I had xmoke back tears, believing that I was an addict, and stayed sober for the five years of our relationship.

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They were Housewives wants sex TX Marquez 77865 of the most miserable years of my life.

When all is said and done, it doesn't matter what men think about women who smoke weed. That is the great advantage of living Any girls up for a smoke and fun the 21st century: You are no longer required to care what some random-ass dude thinks about your lifestyle—cannabis-infused or otherwise.

If there's anything to learn from this exercise in cataloging the uo shit men have said and assumed about female smokers, it's that there are still stereotypes to crush and ceilings to smash.

But if there's anything we're not worried about, it's the ability of women to rise above the b.

Do you have a smoking fetish?

Crissy Van Meter Managing Editor. Have something to say? Talking Experiential Cannabis Retreats with Sa