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I believe that if you persevere and endure the schooling and training it takes to acquire a high paying job, you should reap the benefits of your hard work; your hard earned money should not be taken and given to someone who is fully capable but has no desire to work because they have unknowingly become dependent on sekes government for their wellbeing.

With more and more of our citizens become dependent on welfare and government programs, the less likely they are to work hard, strive for independence, or become successful. Excessive government aid is the death of ambition. I am a conservative woman because I believe xeeks women are not oppressed. I have the right to vote, hold office, manage a Hotwife in Hawaii, and make my own decisions.

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We live in a world where, in other nations, woman cannot vote. They cannot hold office.

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They cannot drive a car, choose the number of children that they have, or merely walk down the street without the accompaniment of a superior male. American women are blessed to have such liberties and to suggest that we need government assistance to rise up in the world Cnoservative an insult to our work ethic and intelligence.

I am a conservative woman because I respect the women who came before me: I am Conservatice conservative woman because I refuse to let the constant opposition of an antagonistic group hold me back in my beliefs.

I am a conservative woman because I am guided by the powerful truth of morality and logic.

I am a conservative woman because I feel that it is my duty to bring awareness to the issues that handicap the betterment of our great nation. Conervative ShesConservative campaign shatters stereotypes about what young women believe today and what a conservative looks like.

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Throughout the month of September, as part of its ShesConservative campaign, NeW asked high seeeks seniors and college students to write an essay responding to the following prompt: Who are your conservative female role models? What issues drive you? Attendees heard from the President and Editor of the book Karin Lips, and authors How did you first hear about NeW?

One of my good friends at the College of Charleston had very recently started a chapter on campus and wanted to get the club out in the open. I gave her my signature Stay updated Receive the latest news and alerts from the NeW team. Feminists are protecting your reproductive rights.

Feminists are crusaders for women. You cannot be conservative and a feminist because being wnd means you stand for the repressive patriarchal society feminists fought against. There is no such thing as conservative feminism.

These are the mantras of the liberal feminist movement. Sternberg challenges the notion that contemporary liberal feminism is the original and only form of feminism.

She refers to the primary definition of feminism, which ann equality between the sexes politically, economically, and socially. Anti-feminist, in this context, means pro-life. Liberal feminists are waging war against conservative women.

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They are attacking conservative women who do not agree with their political agenda. Their ascendance should be considered an achievement for feminists.

Instead of celebrating their success, liberal feminists condemned these women for betraying women. Because these women did not support the liberal pro-abortion agenda. This has led to the frequent claim that for a woman to be conservative, she betrays her sex: Her perspective shows the narrow-mindedness of the liberal feminism.

The left demonizes conservative women because conservative women do not agree with the radical agenda the left advocates that strips women of their femininity, maternity, and sex.

To be a NeW woman, a conservative feminist, means reconciling what liberals have deemed as the irreconcilable:

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