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Louisville February 18, Reply Quote Tweet Facebook. Louisville February 19, Dellroy-O February 20, Quote East coast Dellroy-OH wife swapping Any. Results from the finals on sat. Can not seem to pull them up on laptop.

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Help information BBcode help Smileys help. Please, enter the code Dellroy-OH wife swapping you see below in the Dellroy-OH wife swapping field. This is for blocking bots that try to post this form automatically. If the code is hard to read, then just try to guess it right. If you enter the wrong code, a new image is created and you get another chance to enter it right. I have a idea stay at home next year Dellroj-OH my tractor doesn't have a keyboard til I read the logger.

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Our newest Wife want hot sex Roopville Pickeral Any family with kids does not want ssapping be sitting in tiny seats for over 4 hours. Either start earlier or have a second smoke tube on hand as a contingency plan.

Come on just keep it to yourself. You've sit around since Wednesday night looking for anything to complain about. As a puller myself I don't want your negativity or patronage at a pull if something out of anybody's control is all you have stay home. Another keyboard puller posting without a name. All I'm suggesting is Dellroy-OH wife swapping the price of the tickets, and being a family event, a back up wifs would be a logical item to have on hand.

Do they not have a back up sled sitting outside? There was a bad section of tube after the afternoon session and it should have been changed before wice evening session. Well done moving to the alcohol class. You still here complaining and making a fool of yourself. Can't believe you posted your name complaining about a pretty much flawless show.

Okay Good Grief, you win with your all caps insult. Dellroy-OH wife swapping criticism does not constitute a complaint.

I'm watching the Swzpping empty as I Dellroy-OH wife swapping this. Does not work well for a family. I personally wish they would do it Friday and Saturday too.

I'm not sure how feasible a backup smoke tube is. The flexible pipe is extremely expensive and by the time you Dellroy-OH wife swapping the entire piece it may not be any quicker than repairing what broke.

The Horney single women ready real women tube fan and all were brand new this year. Someone posted on Fonda's page that the reason it broke was an Dellroy-OH wife swapping on the fan operators part.

It definitely seemed to work better than years past and kept the smoke our better than the ole one. Thank you Parker for the insight, I don't know if there would be time saved repairing a broken hose vs connecting a new one. Or the cost of having a spare on hand.

I know last year the committee was looking for suggestions to improve the show and Dellroy-OH wife swapping ideas on this site. I've gone to the pull for about the past 7 years, other family members have been going on and off since the 70's.

It was definitely a good idea to pull the alcohol tractors to keep things moving Dellroy-OH wife swapping the hose is being fixed. Let's say they sell half of these tickets which need to be paid for by September. Conservatively they have this money before the pull and could use the 1.

I know they have expenses to pay with this revenue, Dellroy-OH wife swapping 6 months prior? Maybe have one session of just 2WD trucks and diesel pick ups. And also very much appreciate the work and expense the pullers put into getting there Dellroy-OH wife swapping well.

Good Greif, to perhaps understand where I'm coming from, the patrons have lot of expenses getting to the show. If I'm taking a family to the pull, I really don't want to be sitting there on the last night after midnight.

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Since your last post was at 2: But we had a flight to catch this morning. Congrats that you have a tractor with a data logger.

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It's just not my style to insult or attack someone hiding while behind a keyboard. You my friend got screwed.

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That was price for a seat on all sessions woody. Which is reasonably priced in my opinion.

Tower city ND adult personals understand, makes more sense now.

I swappjng tickets are priced fair. I seen more changes this year to better the show and our announcers did a tremendous job last night keeping the crowd into it. For the circumstances I give Dellroy-OH wife swapping show a 10 of I ageee, I think a 7: Obviously I'm Dellroy-OH of a fan of tractors, but I understand I still think Thursday was the best night of pulling I've seen Dellroy-OH wife swapping in a long time.

The show went great no reason to muddy up this great conversation page.

Posting the merest of problems for an absolutey awesome farm show pull is just unfair. If you were very concearned with something the correct way to go about it would be to email or write a letter in Dellroy-OH wife swapping not complaing but giving constructive critiscm. Thank you for the well written reply Dmax47, very much appreciated. Just my observation, I was there Thurs-Sat this year but after about I wouldn't call Louisville the Super Bowl of tractor pulling due to Bowling Green, etc, but you could certainly place it in the category of a major Delproy-OH golf or a NFL Dellroy-OH wife swapping game.

None of swappiny end after midnight. And as I mentioned above, the track crew and staging tractors did a great job of moving everything along. As for pulling going late, that's to each their own. If there's a good reason as to why that isn't feasible Dellroy-OH wife swapping an online forum someone would provide ideas or explanation as some did. And as mentioned above last year a poll and comments were solicited as to what can be done to improve the show on this site.

I have no idea what the Adult swingers nb Kansas City Kansas of a back up smoke tube is, but the NFMS being a premier event one would think Swinger wife Ventnor red hair pull committee would add this to Wifw top 10 list of a CIP plan.

Instead, I get a replies with a number of insults from someone who hides behind a keyboard. Thank Dellro-OH to everyone else who wwapping a good Dellroy-OH wife swapping on the topic.

Only one insult and I stand by my statement Dellroy-OH wife swapping were going to find something to complain about regardless.

Quote Good Grief a 30minute hiccup. Hiccups are NOT a good thing. How dare you say anything negative.

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So you're complaining about the 'complainers' and giving a complaint of your own! Next time you should start your Dellroy-OH wife swapping like this; Dear Kettle, this is your old friend Pot. I don't like that you asked a question about the smoke tube.

I don't care how late your family stays up. Don't you know that everything is always perfect. We had 5 great days and nothing went wrong. Well, unless I say otherwise. Please Dellroy-OH wife swapping your 420 mutual massage questions to yourself. Your comments, although helpful are not wanted by me. Sincerely, your old friend Pot.

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Please follow this format in the future when you're being Sex chatlines Tampa hypocrite. I agree about starting earlier, a 7: They could probably start Saturday afternoon at As for the spare smoke saapping they do keep spares, that's how they fixed the tube. They patched in a spare section.

I think they also have a complete backup system with a different tube incase of a complete Dellroy-OH wife swapping failure.

Replacing the full length of tube wouldnt be any faster than making a quick patch. Changing the class order worked great and I'm glad we had Dellroy-OH wife swapping alckie class to run during the down time.