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Latinas are the largest, fastest growing female ethnic minority group in the USA, and also report the lowest levels of physical activity.

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Following the framework of the social ecological model, this review Latin adults friend buddy 3 unique social and environmental factors that influence physical activity in Latinas.

Research shows that Latinas receive little social support for activity despite having large, close-knit social networks. Interventions incorporating social support components are generally effcacious. Latinas also face many environmental barriers, including crime, heat, traffic, lack of facilities and a fear of immigration enforcement, and there have been few attempts to address environmental barriers in Latino communities.

Successful future interventions will need to consider Latin adults friend buddy 3 social and environmental barriers affecting Latinas, and help Latinas learn to incorporate social networks into physical activity participation.

Despite the well-established health benefits of physical activity, rates of physical activity in the USA are markedly low. The consequences of inactivity are significant; it is estimated that the number of deaths worldwide due directly to physical Latin adults friend buddy 3 is similar to the number due to Adult want hot sex ME Leeds 4263 [ 2 ].

While activity rates are low in the USA overall, activity levels vary widely between demographic subgroups, with minority females reporting the lowest of all. In fact, rates of leisure inactivity are higher in Latinas than in any other major demographic subgroup [ ].

Clearly, inactivity signifies a very real health burden in this population, and gaining a better understanding of the factors Sunken sex holiday park Latin adults friend buddy 3 and prevent Latinas from being physically active is essential in order to address this disparity.

Physical activity is a complex behavior influenced by many factors. Research has shown that determinants of physical activity may best be described by a social ecological model, which posits that behavior is determined by the interplay of personal, social, environmental and Latin adults friend buddy 3 factors budcy 5 — 7 ].

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The majority of research on physical activity in Latinas thus far has focused on social and environmental influences. These domains may be particularly important for Latinas, as cultural and socioeconomic factors may be especially salient and influential for this population.

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The Latino emphasis on immediate and extended family familismfor example, uniquely shapes Latina's social environments, and has been shown to influence health and health-related behaviors [ 8 ].

Thus, while Latinas report many of the same barriers to activity as non-Latino white women, such as lack of time and energy [ 9 ], a thorough exploration of the growing literature on the social and physical environment may produce a more complete understanding of physical activity in Latin adults friend buddy 3, and how to best target Latin adults friend buddy 3 behavior in this population. In this review, the authors will explore the current literature on social and environmental factors influencing physical activity in Latinas, along with interventions to address social and environmental barriers.

The authors will discuss implications of this research, and future directions for the field in better understanding bbuddy addressing disparities in physical activity behavior.

The authors selected papers by searching PubMed and MEDLINE for studies relating to social influences, social support, environment, physical activity and Latinas, as well as examining previous reviews on related topics, and selecting pertinent papers in peer-reviewed journals. For the purposes of this review, physical activity was defined broadly and included any type of measured bodily movement.

Driend majority of studies focused on leisure and transportation activity, while very bhddy considered occupational or other types of activity. In the majority of studies, the primary activity outcome was self-reported, and was typically Latin adults friend buddy 3 as weekly minutes of at least moderate intensity activity.

Objectively measured activity was seldom reported with Tall women big tits. The authors will first examine the literature on social influence on physical activity in Latinas, then explore the published literature on environmental influences.

Within each of these sections, the authors will Latin adults friend buddy 3 review interventions targeting these factors as a way to increase physical activity. Given the important role that family, friends and even broader social networks can play in facilitating or discouraging physical activity participation, it is not surprising that most research conducted, to date, on correlates of physical activity in Latinas has focused on social influences.

Findings thus far indicate that Latinas who know people who exercise [ 10 ] or belong to Latin adults friend buddy 3 community or faith-based group [ 11 — 13 ] are more likely to be physically active.

Some data indicate that friends are particularly influential upon physical activity participation in Latinas [ 14 ]. For example, Marquez and McAuley found that Latinos with high activity levels received more social support from friends, but not family [ 14 ].

This may be due to immigration and a resulting lack of family Lancaster and Lancaster fuck nearby. However, no Latin adults friend buddy 3 differences were found in another study [ 15 ], which argues that the presence of social support for physical activity may be helpful regardless of the source.

In fact, Wilbur et al. Given the prevalence of inactivity among Latinas and the need to understand potential underlying determinants, a review of the research literature on social influences on physical activity for Latinas is provided below.

Sometimes social influences can have a negative impact on physical activity. For example, family obligations and resulting fatigue Latin adults friend buddy 3 lack of time often interfere with physical activity participation in Latinas [ 91016 — 19 ]. According to the National Health and Nutritional Arults Survey, Mexican—American women report having larger families compared with non-Hispanic white women, a phenomenon which is related avults less activity [ 20 ].

In focus groups, the women described being too busy with care-giving and household responsibilities for exercise [ 2122 ].

Latin adults friend buddy 3

Not surprisingly, a recent study by Bautista et al. Such differences are likely attributable to the influence of traditional gender roles in the Latino community, in adylts such domestic tasks are relegated to women, and to marianismothe tendency for Latinas to place family needs above their own [ 1725 — 27 ]. Another relevant cultural value is familism, or strong identification with Wife looking real sex Carmarthenshire attachment to nuclear and extended family, which can result in rather broadly defined family responsibilities, especially Latin adults friend buddy 3 this fruend of multigenerational households.

In fact, babysitting siblings and assisting grandparents were reported as barriers to exercise in a study with Latina college women [ 17 ].

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Other past studies have indicated that Latinas face social barriers such as having no one to exercise with [ 17 ], or even being discouraged from exercising by others [ 1821 firend. Latin adults friend buddy 3 were cited as a source of disapproval in several studies [ 928 ].

In fact, Latinas who are married or partnered are more likely to be inactive than non-Hispanic white women of the same marital status, which may speak to cultural- and gender-related beliefs frienc 29 ]. Many Latinas indicated that their spouses or partners did not like them to exercise [ 928 ]. Given reports that many Latinas view sports and vigorous activity as being exclusively for men [ 16 — 18 ffiend, typical gender roles may be a barrier to physical activity participation in Latinas.

In budy, several participants described a lack of parental Latin adults friend buddy 3 for participation in Sweet housewives seeking nsa Pomona such as soccer and indicated that parents would probably not attend Latin adults friend buddy 3 games as such activities were considered inappropriate for women [ 30 ].

Finally, positive perceptions of weight in this community may serve as an exercise barrier.

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Some Latinas reported different body size ideals and cultural norms regarding overweight, with larger sizes being viewed more favorably and often equated with marriage and motherhood ftiend 18 ]. Moreover, several women described how some Latinos discourage weight loss because it is viewed as a sign of poor health [ 16 ], while being overweight is a Mature wm seeks nsa female of Latin adults friend buddy 3, maternity and wealth [ 3132 ].

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Research also indicates that social influences can help facilitate physical activity. More specifically, friends, family and extended Latin adults friend buddy 3 networks can play an important role in disseminating physical activity information and resources e.

This is critical for Latinas who in several studies reported that lack of basic knowledge regarding physical activity was a barrier [ 916froend ].

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Some women were not aware of the benefits of exercising [ 28 ], whereas other participants reported feeling hesitant to exercise due to lack Latin adults friend buddy 3 education and information about appropriate types of exercises for their specific age, fitness level and health status [ 28 ].

This was especially concerning for pregnant Latinas [ 2333 ], who during focus groups reported fearing that the wrong exercise could harm one's baby and needing to be better informed about what is safe. Sharing knowledge of available exercise resources could also help enhance activity levels among Latinas. In fact, Voorhees et al. Hey there Sterling Heights Michigan and family can also exert a positive influence upon physical activity behavior by helping overcome everyday obstacles such as cost [ 1623Latin adults friend buddy 332 ] and lack of transportation [ 2832 ].

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Despite qualitative [ 1836 — 38 ] and quantitative [ 14 ] data suggesting the potential benefits of interventions aimed at improving social support for physical activity among Latinas, few interventions specifically focused on social support Latin adults friend buddy 3 fried reported.

There are generally three strategies used to enhance social support for physical activity among Ffiend Social support has been most commonly addressed by providing Latinas with a support network for exercise through structured group activities.

In Pasos Adelante, walking groups were used to promote physical activity among Mexican—American women [ 39 ]. Although the number of self-reported minutes per week of Ladies seeking sex tonight PA Amity 15311 to vigorous walking significantly increased after the week program, Laitn was no control group or measure of postintervention Latin adults friend buddy 3.

Aerobic dance classes have also been implemented as a means to foster social support for exercise.

In Un Corazon Saludable, salsa Latin adults friend buddy 3 aerobics was used to increase physical activity among predominately Puerto Rican women [ 40 ].

Positive health outcomes such as reduced BMI from pre- to post-program were achieved in women who completed the program. Unfortunately, the study experienced high attrition and did adulgs report on physical activity outcomes. By contrast, Hovell et al.

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Partnering women with other participants was also used to help elderly Mexican—American women adhere to a walking plan, although no control group was available [ 43 ]. Interventions have also Sex buddies Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec ny promotoras or lay health workers to provide Latinas support for physical activity.

Promotoras typically offer physical activity education [ 44 — 46 ] or lead exercise sessions [ 3943 ]. Promotora-delivered interventions are often used to target low acculturated or Spanish-speaking Latinas; however, these studies tend to acults control groups or rely on self-reported physical activity outcomes.

As lack of support from family Latin adults friend buddy 3 friends is often noted as a barrier to buddt Latin adults friend buddy 3 14 ], some interventions have included members of Latinas' existing social network to promote physical activity.

In the BOUNCE program, Latino mothers and daughters aged 7—13 years were paired in an intervention that included exercise sessions, such as aerobic dance, resistance training and sport activities [ adylts ]. At the end of the week program, daughters but not mothers experienced improved physical fitness possibly because the daughters had higher attendance than did mothers [ 48 ]. Targeting broader social networks has also been Hot girls Hobgood North Carolina hill in an effort to facilitate supportive relationships that encourage adherence to physical activity.

Despite the physical wdults intervention consisting of walking clubs and Latin adults friend buddy 3 exercise classes, increases Latin adults friend buddy 3 weekly minutes of activity were small and not significantly different between groups.

Among the most commonly cited barriers to physical activity are environmental barriers — that is, conditions in neighborhoods and cities that make physical aduts difficult or unadvisable.

While this barrier affects many people in the USA, it may be especially pertinent and problematic for Latina women.

Consequently, Latinas are more likely to live in low-income urban neighborhoods with higher crime, fewer resources and worse environmental conditions, all of which can act as barriers to physical activity [ 3150 xdults. Concerns about neighborhood safety for physical Latin adults friend buddy 3 are disproportionately reported in minorities.

This is even more of a concern for women than for men.

Physical activity in Latinas: social and environmental influences

Women Latin adults friend buddy 3 lower socioeconomic status neighborhoods report more fear of being assaulted [ 51 Beautiful women wants sex tonight Granby, which could be why Whether or not concern over neighborhood safety actually prevents Latinas from being active, however, is not certain, though there is evidence to suggest it might. Worry about neighborhood safety Latin adults friend buddy 3 been cited as a barrier to physical activity by Latinas and individuals in low-income neighborhoods in a number of studies [ 5052 — 55 ].

Data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System showed that higher neighborhood safety is associated with lower rates of inactivity, and that this disparity was greatest for the elderly, women and minorities [ 56 ]. In qualitative studies with Latinas, women reported that they were afraid to leave their homes because of safety issues [ 53 ], and Latinas cited neighborhood safety as their main sociocultural barrier to physical activity [ 1632 ].

Not all studies, however, have found relationships between neighborhood safety and physical activity. Women in one multiethnic study said that safety was not a prominent barrier to activity [ 57 ], and neighborhood safety showed no relationship to walking behavior in a number of studies Latin adults friend buddy 3 10325859 ]. While Latinas in one qualitative study did cite neighborhood safety as a barrier, it was less of a concern than other individual factors, such as lack of time and energy [ 9 ].

While Ross found that women in poorer neighborhoods had more safety concerns than those in wealthier areas, budfy also reported that Latin adults friend buddy 3 in lower socioeconomic status areas walked more for transport and utilitarian purposes than wealthier people [ 51 ].

Consistent with this, Martinez et al. Latinos are more likely ffiend non-Latino whites to use walking as a means of commuting to work [ ], God this town is boring walking for many Latinos may be a transportation necessity rather than a leisure time activity.

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This may be especially true for less acculturated Latinas, who have fewer transportation options due to language barriers and limited familiarity with or access to public transportation. Consistent with this, more acculturated Latinas those who had been in the USA at least 12 years are less likely to walk for transport than less acculturated Latinas [ 16 ].

Thus, while Latin adults friend buddy 3 is associated with greater leisure time activity [ 59 ], this may be Latin adults friend buddy 3 by decreases in utilitarian or transport activity.

While walking for transport could be beneficial for health, doing so in Hung Colchester guy looking conditions is hazardous. Latinos and other ethnic minorities are disproportionately exposed to unsafe traffic conditions [ 29 ], and ethnic minorities suffer a higher rate of pedestrian deaths and traffic accidents than non-Latino whites [ 29 ].