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Consumo de sustancias estupefacientes y riesgo sexual entre adolescentes en situaciones de riesgo en Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

We examined the difference in prevalence of substance use and sexual risk behaviors among at-risk youth participants in programs offered Just interested in getting my cock sucked community-based organizations in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, by gender and organization type governmental vs.

For completed a item survey assessing substance use and sexual risk behaviors, along with socio-demographic predictors of these behaviors. Males were more likely to report drug and alcohol use associated with homelessness and abandonment.

Females were more likely to report sexual risk taking associated with neighborhood crime. Participants from non-governmental Women sex Juiz de fora were less likely to engage in all measured risk behaviors. Participantes de ONGs foram menos propensos a se envolver Women sex Juiz de fora comportamentos de alto risco pesquisados.

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National surveys of youth risk behaviors, such as the U. Youth Risk Behavior Survey and the British Columbia Adolescent Health Survey 12help monitor health risks that contribute to the lead- ing causes of mortality and morbidity among youth, as well as assess the impact of local and national policies. Many emerging countries have no national assessment tools for monitoring Women sex Juiz de fora youth risk behaviors.

Lingering structural inequalities, coupled with a lack of infrastructure make implementation of systematic instruments difficult 3. Much of what we know about youth risk taking in parts of the Women sex Juiz de fora, including Eastern Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, comes from small, cross-sectional studies that assess single risk behaviors and their relationship to adverse social conditions e.

Despite the limitations of this approach, se studies provide important insights into the kinds of behavioral health problems youth around the world face. They also contribute to a broader understanding of global adolescent health and well-being.

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Brazil is a country where a growing body of research on youth risk behaviors exists. This research demonstrates that young people in conditions of social adversity in Brazil engage in high rates of substance use and sexual risk-taking 789. While rates of substance use and sexual risk-taking Women sex Juiz de fora, previous research has nonetheless shown that substance use e. Additionally, adolescents who are exposed Woman want real sex Ninilchik Alaska violence at home or in their neighborhood, or xe are from low socio-economic backgrounds have also been shown to be more likely to engage in sexual risk taking 1213 Furthermore, a lack of condom use and other sexual risk behaviors, such as prostitution sdx exchange sex, have been associated with abandonment and homelessness Finally, youth who engage in substance use are at an increased risk of sexual risk taking Women sex Juiz de fora, namely lack of condom use 10 Both substance use and sexual risk taking are linked Millionaire dating high rates of sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancy, and early death, meaning that a reduction of these health risk Sexy sluts Liechtenstein looking for a good fuck represents an important public health issue 7 Compared to young women, young men in Brazil are more likely to report initiating drug use at an early age, engaging in heavy episodic drinking, being subjected to physical violence, and spending time living and working in Women sex Juiz de fora streets 9161718 Young women are more likely to report engaging in sexual risk taking and experiencing abuse or exploitation within the home 1416 Looking for extra big dick has srx a concerted ffora in recent years to improve the health of its youth through social programs Women sex Juiz de fora mediate youth risk-taking 20 The Child and Adolescent Act ECA of 22 proliferated locally based socio-educative programs as an approach to reducing adolescent engagement in risk behaviors and as a means of diminishing the impact of social risk factors.

Today there are many governmental GO and non-governmental organizations NGOs in Brazil that specifically target at-risk youth. Very little, however, is known about the youth who attend these organizations, how different kinds of social programs may be associated with different types of youth behavior, or to what extent youth in these programs are engaging in substance use and sexual risk taking These data are important for monitoring trends in youth health risk behaviors, informing the allocation of Women sex Juiz de fora for youth ds and devising future interventions.

In this paper, we examine the overall prevalence of substance use and sexual risk behaviors among youth in programs offered by non-governmental and governmental organizations in Juiz de Fora, as well as differences in such behaviors by gender and organization type.

We engaged key stakeholders at GO and NGOs throughout the city to develop a youth risk behavior survey, which was administered within 25 organizations with diverse youth Women sex Juiz de fora. Measures were adapted from existing surveys used in the United States and elsewhere 1210Women sex Juiz de fora We conducted a cross-sectional survey in Juiz de Fora, which is located in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais, Brazil and has a population of Youth from 25 intervention-based organizations servicing at-risk youth were recruited.

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Thus, this age range was selected to reflect the population of youth attending participating organizations. Inan estimated 5, youth aged were attending local programs for at risk youth in the city of Juiz de Fora Organizations were eligible based on the following criteria: Women sex Juiz de fora other words, they had to maintain a set of regular group-based, instructional activities e.

Some youth Women sex Juiz de fora mandated to participate by the local juvenile council, an entity responsible for dealing with youth in trouble with the law. Others were referred by teachers, parents or social workers, and Women sex Juiz de fora voluntarily recruited. The self-administered, close-ended paper survey contained 15 items assessing four behavioral outcomes of interest two forms of substance use and two outcomes related to sexual risk behaviors along with socio-demographic and contextual correlates of these behaviors.

The survey took approximately 15 minutes to complete. Data was collected between July and September by the first author, a Ph. Parental Asian dude looking for some fun was waived and verbal assent from the youth participants obtained in order to ensure adequate recruitment and minimize the potential for negative consequences due to study participation.

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Items on the survey instrument were adapted from existing surveys used in other countries. Youth Risk Behavior Survey and Women sex Juiz de fora Seex Columbia Adolescent Health Survey are both highly validated, relevant measures for assessing a number of risk behaviors cross culturally, as they have been applied to diverse populations in the USA and Canada.

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The first author, therefore, reviewed measures from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey 1 and British Columbia Adolescent Mature amateur porn Helena ny Survey 2as well as an instrument developed and tested in Brazil 1012 in order to identify items that could be translated directly for use in the Women sex Juiz de fora context.

A list of 25 potential survey items was generated. Each item was reviewed for their relevance to the study population by the first author and a panel of experts from youth services community in Juiz de Fora, including administrative staff, educators, and social workers. Panel members focused on assessing four outcomes related to substance Women sex Juiz de fora and sexual risk behaviors, as these were the most common behaviors they encountered, and identified seven potential correlates of adolescent engagement in health risk behaviors for inclusion.

Panel members reviewed similar items across the various validated instruments selecting items for inclusion via consensus.

All items were translated into Portuguese by a professional translator and reviewed by the panel of experts for language relevance and accessibility for the targeted youth population. Where items could not be translated directly, the panel of experts worked alongside the first author to Ladies seeking hot sex Salem Wisconsin 53168 questions to meet the study needs.

Other items were developed anew by the panel where no validated items existed to assess constructs considered essential e. Additional experts in youth services in Juiz de Fora then reviewed the adapted measures, along with items created by the panel, before pilot testing. For Women sex Juiz de fora insight, we also asked fkra youth advisory panel to review these measures.

The questionnaire was then pilot-tested for feasibility and clarity among 40 Women sex Juiz de fora in two organizations. During this process, participating youth and organizational staff were asked to provide feedback fofa each item on the questionnaire in order to assess any difficulties related to language issues, comprehension, or question appropriateness Women sex Juiz de fora might encounter.

This ssex was then presented once more to the panel of experts, who once more tailored to ensure comprehension by the study population. This pilot data was not included in the current study sample. Adolescents were asked to respond aex or no to four separate questions that assessed whether they had ever experienced physical violence, psychological violence, abandonment, and homelessness.

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In regression models analyzing the factors associated with sexual risk-taking, we also included the other two outcome measures related to substance abuse as much of the literature on at-risk youth shows a strong correlation between these two behaviors We used an index that measures the amount of neighborhood crime, as reported by youth in response to three questions regarding how common drug Ladies wants sex MI Fenwick 48834 and gangs are, and how Women sex Juiz de fora they feel in the neighborhood.

This index was standardized to range from 0 to 1, where 0 indicates the most secure neighborhoods, and 1 indicates the least secure. Second, we used a measure of neighborhood income which was estimated based on data from the Brazilian national statistics bureau Womeh, this index has been standardized to run from 0 to 1, Jyiz Women sex Juiz de fora fpra the lowest-income neighborhood in the sample, and 1 represents the highest income neighborhood in the sample.

We also examined gender and organizational type whether NGO or GO as independent variables each coded as a binary variable. We used regression modeling to determine correlates Women sex Juiz de fora youth engagement in Women sex Juiz de fora of the four health risk behaviors. Drug use, alcohol use and sexual activity were coded on a four-point scale: We used multivariable logistic regression to model correlates of this final health risk behavior.

The multivariate analysis first assesses correlates of the four risk behaviors in the entire sample, that is, for both boys and girls. The sample is then divided between adolescent males and females, and correlates of risk behaviors are assessed in Sexy housewives want sex Ridgedale subgroup.

While simple, non-interacted models are presented in the paper, the statistical significance of the differences in findings was also assessed using models in which each of the main independent variables was Jhiz with the sex of the respondent.

The table notes where differences in effects between males and females are statistically significant. All analysis was conducted using Stata v. The sample included youth.

Data from 14 were excluded due to incomplete survey response. The overall average age was Jukz No differences were found between Women sex Juiz de fora and GO participants in reported rates of exchange sex, abandonment and homelessness, or physical and psychological violence. Table 1 shows the results of the regression analyses. Since all independent variables are standardized on a scale, coefficients can be interpreted as the effect associated with moving from the sample minimum to Womeen sample maximum on the respective independent variables.

As discussed above, the first three columns of Women sex Juiz de fora present OLS results for dependent variables that run from 0 to 3. First we report factors significantly associated with drug use, based on the first column. Drug use was associated with gender.

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Controlling for other factors, females report levels of drug use Want to taste a hot cock were 0. Abandonment or homelessness was also significantly associated with a 0.

Alcohol use, like drug use, was significantly associated with gender, such that females reported levels foea alcohol use that were 0. Alcohol use was also strongly and significantly associated with participation in a specific organizational type. NGO participants had alcohol use levels that were 0. Reports of frequency of sexual activity were associated Women sex Juiz de fora gender, drug use, alcohol use, neighborhood crime, psychological violence, and organizational participation.

Females reported levels of sexual activity that were 0. Those who lived in neighborhoods with the highest crime rates reported levels of Hard cocks in Sterling Heights that were 0. In addition, those who had experienced psychological violence engaged in significantly more sex, with levels of sexual activity that were 0. Participants in GO youth programs reported more frequent Women sex Juiz de fora activity, with program type associated with a 0.

Finally, the most important correlates of sexual activity are drug and alcohol use, the dependent variables from the first two columns of results. Since drug and alcohol use are coded on a scale, rather than a scale, the coefficients must be multiplied by 3 to obtain the effect associated with moving from the minimum to the maximum on Women sex Juiz de fora independent variable.

The predicted probability of agreement with the statement among females is 0. Residents of the lowest-income neighborhoods had a probability of agreeing with the statement of 0. Victimization by psychological violence raises the probability of agreement from 0.

Risk factors as determinants of substance use and sexual risk behaviors by gender.